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de-classified information
Location: Nasvhille, TN

Remember when I visited with mandy_moon and I mentioned a super-secret mission, complete with photographic evdience that would be de-classified at a later date?  That information has been de-classified, however, if you go and look at the report on this covert operation, you have to take an oath of secrecy not to divulge your knowledge of this subject.  This is a somewhat elaborate hoax being perpetrated for the benefit of a single person at the expense of her entire f-list.  The duration of this ruse is at the discretion of Ms. Moon... so zip your lip.  Feel free to comment over there, even in a wink-wink nudge-nudge sort of manner.  It's fun!

But don't blow my cover!  Shhhhhh!

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Bahahaha!! I was thinking, "Waaaaaaaaait one minute! That "Claude" looks familiar!"

Yeah, I need to get more sleep.

so when are you getting married?

shhhhhh!!!!!!! you weren't supposed to figure it out!!!! shhhhhh!!!!! ;-)

now you're IN on the secret ;-)

incidentally, Mr. Crawley -is- single.... ;-) but i don't think he's the marryin' type


That's you, right?

If I weren't already married, and you the marrying kind, I'd marry you!

yeah that's me... :) although i haven't been very motivated to do anything with it for a while...

you a beastie boys fan?

Not as big of a fan as you, but this is like meeting a celebrity, or god or something!

Haha, in high school that was my bible, I would have never made it through without the Beastie Boys and the secret meanings behind the music.

You'll probably think I am insane, but I printed that out, highlighted it, and practically memorized it (although much has been forgotten).

Thank you for making that site. I am forever in your debt.

Don't worry, I am not insane.

Awewome! My secret goal in life is to be an internet celebrity! I'd settle for just being a livejournal celebrity! Now I feel all squishy and warm basking in the adulation....


You shoulda sent the Beasite Boys god an e-mail before you got married. I hear he's rather "easy". ;-)

I'm glad you enjoyed the site though. I think you're the first person who's connected my involvement with that site at another independent place like LJ. That's kinda nifty.

You're secret is out! The one about being a celebrity, not the other one.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda...

It is nifty, I am the first one! I can be your fan club president/groupie!

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