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random tings, mon
Location: Council Bluffs, IA

I seldom remember my dreams; it's only the very vivid ones that survive sunrise.  For the purposes of this discussion, just assume that "vivid" can almost always be equated with erotic.  It freaks me out just a little though, that I have vivid dreams about Livejournal people I've never met, enough of them that it seems to be a sporadic trend in my subsconcious.  It seems to occur when I've just recently been reading journals prior to going to bed.  For those of you keeping score at home:

1) My first of these was about angiewarhol, a non-mutual LJ friend whose journal I still read, despite the one-way nature of this relationship for over 2 years.  I just really enjoy reading her journal.  I had a steamy, erotic dream about her once a long time ago that invloved PG-13 nudity and a bearskin rug.

2) I had a dream about mandy_moon once before I met her, but it was not an erotic one.  I don't even remember the circumstances of the dream except she had freckles and it involved a sunny day.

3) I had a rather explicit dream about newest_fad one night not too long ago.  I don't even know her that well on LJ... much less to have met.  That was a strange one.

Well folks, there's a new one to add to the list.  In my dreams last night, I had one of the most unbelievable make-out sessions with a person from my friend's list.  What I find most interesting about this is that, not only have I never met her, but I've never even seen a picture of her.  In the other 3 instances, I had seen pictures of the other three, even though in the dream about mandy_moon my subsconcious had chosen to give her freckles.  So in the dream, I guess I just conjured up someone and attributed that vision as being that person.  It was a social gathering of some sort, like a party, and she and I were both there.  I forget the circumstances which led to the making-out; it's not like we were an "item" or were otherwise already acquainted with each other; the general feeling was that we hardly knew each other, possibly our first time meeting.  Since I don't remember dreams, the ones I do remember are typically in broad strokes, so you'll have to forgive the "felt like" and "general" nature of my descriptions.  I think the making-out was the result of some dare, bet, or game...  it wasn't like, some big, mutually romantic gesture, but more of a consequence of something else.  But when it happened...  WOW.  I don't think I have ever been as acutely aware of the physical sensation in a kiss, in a dream or in real life, as during that kiss.

So who was it?  Just so no one would jump ahead in the story by seeing an lj user tag, I figured I'd put it behind a cut.

This hot making-out was with queenkatieett.  The vision of her I conjured was as a blonde, which I think is due largely to the Gwen Stefani icon she had for the longest time.  As I've said, I have no idea what queenkateiett looks like, but in my dreams Katie, you have a kiss that'll knock my socks off ;-).

Delroy is progressing quite well.  As far as the baisc aspects of driving, he pretty much has it down, just tweaking and fine-tuning with reptition.  Like most new guys, he needs lots more practice with backing but it's coming along.  So we're delving into the other, related aspects of driving: route planning, administrative tasks, etc.  This will be somewhat tougher for Delroy, but I have no doubt he'll learn it.  It's interesting, I think I have more confidence in Delroy's ability than he does in himself at the moment.  He's constantly second-guessing himself and searching for approval from me, even after I've given it a zillion times already.  I mentioned this before, and that it was a little maddening.  It has yet to subside.

I have some doubts, though, that Delroy will adapt to the lifestyle.  He can learn the mechanical and mental tasks of the job, but I think at some point down the road, he's going to give it up because he can't reconcile the demands of road life with his social and pscyhological needs.  I would be highly surprised if Delroy is still driving over-the-road after 6 months on his own.  It just won't fit-in with his needs as a person.  He's not wired for this sort of lifestyle.
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I'm too excited for words.

I mean, I have black hair, but still.

Sadly, I don't remember if you had a great rack or not.

I had to've. Dreams don't lie.

I probably don't remember 'cause I didn't make it to second base... ya prude. ;-)

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