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jawbreaker update
Location: Cartersville, GA

I would like to go on record and say that that dog-lovin', Lionel Worshippin', clone-makin', sheep wrasslin', crazy lawn ornament guy fabricatin' strrrumpet mandy_moon is a low-down dirty CHEATER!  She busted her jawbreaker open with a hammer!  A HAMMER!!!!!

While I  on the other hand have successfully (honorably/honestly) licked my way to the bubblegum center.

Even Delroy was impressed with my jawbreaker licking skeelz.

So I have won by default and any notion of a "race" is off, but I'm still determined to consume this thing, lick by sugary lick.

So help me

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(Deleted comment)
damn... you're up early... you know, if i was minneapolis right now i'd make you take me to that diner... i'm gettin' hunnnnngry....

(Deleted comment)
ha, yeah i saw that typo after it was too late... i expected a retort of some nature... and i've expected nothing less :)

that's a pretty cool webpage for the diner

Oh RIGHT, call *me* lawn-ornament fabricating!! You were the one taking the pictures, you were the one who went right along with it without a word of protest.

You *ARE* Claude, now. You created him. The only way to send Calude back to the depths of hell where he belongs is um...I dunno, a light saber fight? Or maybe you have to fight your shadow like in the Adventures of Link. Some Jungian collective unconscious about facing the shadow in order to achieve individuation. I forget.

I am impressed with your persistence in that jawbreaker, though. Me, my craving for sugar is just too tremendous at times. I think I have a problem.

Maybe instead there needs to be a Claude Part Deux in the scribblings of Mandy Moon sometime in May... perhaps pictures of you and Claude on a day-trip about town somewhere, courtesy of the magical floating camera.

"Claude and I went for breakfast then went window shopping! Blah blah blah."

Totally vamp it up with unbelievably cheesy movie-style scenes like riding a bicycle with you on the handlebars, sharing a hot dog, etc.... it might be a fun way to spring the charade by going the totally opposite direction by making it obviously campy...

Or even get totally devious with it and you go drinking together then there's a photo of him sleeping in your bed and you're sitting on the edge of the bed with your hands in your face like "what have i done?"

gaaaah! i'm giving into the darkside! damn you claude! damn you to hell!!

your ability to suck balls continues to amaze.


maybe there should be a Soopageek Ate My Balls website

I'm impressed. Very very impressed.

Delroy's expression is priceless.

You're lucky I'm not there to be your mother, but I'm telling your picture, "Get that out of your mouth, boy! You're gonna get it stuck!"

You can't really tell it from the angle I took the picture but it's not ACTUALLY insinde my mouth, I have it balancing on my tongue. I was kinda shcoked when I was the photo because it DOES look like I've stuck it inside my mouth, but since half of it has been licked away, the backside is flat ;-).

Delroy was driving when I took that picture and I was afrid he'd hit a bump and it would end up inside my mouth and I wouldn't be able to get it back out.

I'm opening myself up to all kinds of harassment with this conversation, I can tell.

I'm just going to say it. I have a small mouth. We eat a lot of candy at work. A couple weeks ago, I got a Blowpop stuck in my mouth. It's terrifying to get something like that stuck in your mouth. I'm just looking out for your well-being.

Anyway. heh.

So do you sit and lick at that while you're driving. I'm pretty sure I'd die if I drove by a truck driver licking away at that thing.

Was it one of the humongo Blow Pops or one of the smaller ones? ACtually I think they come in three sizes... the humongo one I can totally understand... even the mid-sized one I could understand if you have a small mouth, but not the little ones (I eat a good deal of blow pops)

I'll keep the inappropriate comments to myself about the size of your mouth and inserting things into it.

I did most of the work on it while Delroy was driving, but I did lick at it one night while driving, but it was dark. ;-)

Yes, Delroy looks supremely impressed. Not, um, concerned for your sanity.

He already knows that my lack of sanity is a foregone conclusion, therefore, there is nothing for him to be concerned about. :)

my tongue hurts just looking at that

mine's still a little tender today :)

can you say "diabetic shock"? man ... that thing looked big against the quarter in the earlier picture of it, but now it looks massive. almost painful. :)

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