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link happy!

Location: Lexington, KY

I was not sure how early I would get home this evening.  I must say I'm pleasantly surprised and it is absolutely gorgeous in Lexington.  All the goldenrod and dogwoods are in full-bloom.  I haven't taken any new pictures this year, but here's one of my favorites from last spring.

I love this time of year.  I have zero plans for the evening if anyone wants to be social (Meg? Jess? someone new I haven't met?).  I don't care.  Anything would be good.  Otherwise, I'm sure I'll find something to get into :).

In a comment on the jawbreaker with spleazeball earlier today the topic of "Ate My Balls" webpages came-up.  If you've been around the web any length of time, you've surely encountered at least one of these; a phenomena started in 1996 by the classic Mr. T Ate My Balls website.  Over the past decade, literally hundreds of knock-offs and imitations have come and gone.  If you google "ate my balls" you get a search return that is 10+ pages deep.  If you've never seen it, I highly recommend the Thinking Man's Ate My Balls Page, a somewhat erudite approach to the concept.  In particular of interest for you wordsmiths and literature freaks: Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall Ate My Balls!!!

I think it'd be fun to do an Ate My Balls website.  Any sugggestions?  It'd have to be original, which, this late in the game will be difficult.

Speaking of suggestions, it was suggested by at least three people that I write "testimonials" for my f-list as a result of my snarkiness the other day in a filtered entry.  That could be fun - writing assignments!  But I don't want to do them for my entire friend's list.  Not only would that be tedious but it'd probably not be appreciated by some folks who could care less one way or the other.  No sense in writing something for no reason at all - I do enough of that in my journal.  So, if you want a Soopageek TestimonialTM that is suitable for use on your very own testimonial-style bio-page to let people know just how cool. you. are. - just leave me a comment.  I of course, will expect your own testimonial about moi and/or sexual favors.  Better yet, make a Soopageek Ate My Balls webpage to show your undying devotion.

I went on one of those little self-serving, attention-whoring expeditions that I do sporadically to see what happens when you google "soopageek". Oh the love!  What's even cooler is that google images actually returns 5 pictures, all of which relate to or were taken by me and three of which are the shoetree pics :).

There's this dude in the pizza place talking TO the TV while this chick is getting attacked by a snake in her car.  Like he's yelling, "No, no no, don't go in THERE!",  "Don't put your feet down there!",  and "Oh no! He got her again!" when the snake bit her ankle a second time.  Awesome.  Time for a smoke.
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