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idea for band name
Lordship Honeyspot

Proof that inspiration comes from weird places: two consecutive exits on I-95 northbound in Connecticut - Lordship Boulevard and Honeyspot Dr.

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my band, kiedis, could open.

actually Lorship Honeyspot sounds like an RHCP album/song title come to think of it

**what i got you got to give it to your lordship honeyspot what i got you got to give it to your lordship honeyspot then you do a little dance and you drink a little honey**

something seems terribly wrong with this...

Not bad not bad. My favorite, on the other end of the frill scale...there's a stretch of highway - in Maryland, I think it was, I'll always remember the 3 towns of consecutive exits.... Plain......White.....Bread.

How funny. I've been planning for a couple of years to name my band after the names on an exit sign on the way to Detroit. It says "Haskins" and "Lucky". I like "Lucky Haskins".

Yeah, I've driven by it a few times when I was in Olympia... I have some "real" pictures of it from a film camera but I've never personally shot it digitally...

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