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the last jawbreaker entry, i swear
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
In part one, you learned of the great jawbreaker race.  In part two, you learned of one person's shortcut (sugar addict!) and another's devotion to the task.  I had photographed these a week or two ago prior to losing my camera, I just haven't had the inclination to write the final chapter in the story of the world's largest jawbreaker.  So here ya go.

With the jawbreaker licked completely in half, I decided to work on the sides.  I first licked a crater into one side of it.

Then I flipped it over and licked a crater into the other side.

Finally, I licked-off all of the orange coating, so that it made the jawbreaker look like some weird-ass lemon wedge.

The two craters reduced the size of the jawbreaker enough that I could get it into my mouth

I think this photo probably sums it all up.

If you want to see all of the photos related to the jawbreaker, check 'em out here.

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you are a geek :) a candy geek!

I bow to you.

You have my undying respect.

respect bitchez!

look forward to seein' you in a coupla weeks...

are you really THAT bored?

sometimes, yes... but I find fun things to do when i am :)

I promise I haven't been so bored I've looked at your whole journal, but GIC (goingincirlez) and I have our computers in the basement next to each other (and sometimes the only time we get to spend in a day).... anyways,

I was looking through your pics and I saw this and about died laughing. Then I saw the shirt.

So today I thought I would have to come back here and post. I have to have a shirt like that for GIC. That's like his motto. Where the heck did you find it?!?

I don't remember where I found that shirt. Probably in some mall store.

If you really dig the photo adventures and don't want to go rummaging back through everything I've been saving them as memories ever since I began doing them... look down the list of memeories for "photojournals"... all of the old ones are archived there :)

i have my comments emailed to me, so if you have leave a question or comment conerning to an old entry, I'll get it... so fire away... :)

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