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Location: Mashantucket Indian Reservation, Connecticut (08/04)

Well I got to Smithfield, RI about 8:30 this morning and unloaded the trailer. I didn't have enough hours to make it back through New York today so I decided to check out the reservation casino here in Mashantucket. I should've walked when I was $300 up, instead I walked $200 down. Oh well, it was fun. It wasn't fun losing it, but I didn't lose more than I could afford to. I enjoy the game of blackjack, and I was able to kill 5 hours rather than be bored outta my head.

However, while I could afford it, I'm thinking it may put a damper in my NYC plans for this trip. I s'pose I could still go, but it'd probably be best that I didn't spend any MORE money, heh.

I don't make it to the northeast that often and I always forget about the difference in accent. The first time I speak with someone when I get up here, I can't understand a word they're saying and have to really concentrate. The first words I heard this morning were telling me where I needed to dock my truck to get unloaded. The words were "go to doo-ah tree oo-ah foo-ah". I looked at him blankly for a second then it registered and I repeated back, "OH! Door three or four. Gotcha." I spent a good deal of my morning just listening to everyone around me talk about their weeknds and what-not. How they took their "cah" somewhere "Saddadee" night, or went down to "loo-wong whoo-ahf down at the shoo-wah" to fiish or go swimming. Oh yeah, I delivered my cabinets to a "lumb-ah yahd". I wondered to myself if my accent was as amusing to me as it was to them. I believe I did detect a time or two when they couldn't understnad what I was saying. I don't have a thick southern accent by any means, in fact I don't have much of one at all Although a midwestern friend of mine pointed out to me (much to my chagrin) that my long "i' sounds come out with the just the "ah" part without the 'ee" part to follow it up. Apparently I've been getting sloppy, but I'm working on it. I catch myself when I say words like "sometimes". I don't say "sum-tah-eems" that's too much work on the mouth, it's just much easier to say "sum-tahms". I don't always pronounce "ice" - "ahh-ees", I say "ahs". When I do that, I sound like I'm from Pahk (Pike) County, Kentucky.... and I always cringe when I hear that thick eastern Kentucky accent back home. Apparently ahm just as guilty sometahms.

So, since this was a recent discussion with another LiveJournal Kentuckian a while back, about Kentucky pronunciations, here is a list of phonetic words/phrases you may need to know in the future, should you brave the great state of Kentucky. Trick is, I'll leave it up to you commenters to deduce the words/phrases.

PLARS (word)
TAR ARN (compound noun)
SUP-ah-MOM-uh-NEMS (phrase)
BA-tree (word)
tuh-BAK-uh (word)
FLARR (word, hint: rhymes with SHARR and PARR)
buh-GUN-tuh (phrase)
mmm-OWT-uh (phrase)
AWL (word, hint: rhymes with FAWL and SPAWL)
hehl-FIE-noe (phrase)
ma-NERR (word)
NEK-ehd (word)
no-SENZ-i-TAWL (phrase)
FRAH-duh NAHT FEE-yish FRAH (summertime event)
ya-OANT TEW (phrase)
ZOWT BAK (phrase)
MIZZ-rizz (word, old timers reprazent!)
YEW-ahr-AHT? (phrase: somtimes heard as YEW-ahr-AHEET?)
stungta-HAH-heffen (phrase)
teh-FOAN POE (compound noun)
SEERL (word)
CAYN DOO-t! (phrase, sometimes followed by kinYEW DOO-t?)
HUN-erdn-TWON-ee (word)
dun-THOED-a-FIT (phrase)
juh-SLAHKA TOE-ja (phrase)
MAD-urn-HAYL (phrase)
COAM-uh-HARR (phrase)

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