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a weekend with the moon

Location: Wheeling, WV

My weekend in Boston was fun.  Of course, I'd expect nothing less given my veritable hostess with the mostest mandy_moon.

I had decided to stay in a hotel for the duration of the weekend in Woburn, just north of the city.  Since they had an ideal location for truck parking, I decided to drop the trailer and drive the truck bobtail to Becky's house rather than take the train.  Upon my arrival, she immediately wanted to know if she could go sit in it.  I suggested we go for a ride.  So we tooled around the south side of Boston for a while in the big truck. 

When we got back to her place we did some photographic shenanigans for a while.  Let's just say that there is a sequel to the Creepy Lawn Ornament Guy.  In fact, she's already made her entry about it. Every attempt was made to go over-the-top with the story, to make it obvious that Claude Crawley is a hoax.  The funny thing is, when you read for through the comments, it seems purely plausible to most everyone that this sort of thing just happens in the world of mandy_moon.  It's kind of funny.  I suppose this means the Saga of Claude might be extended to a trilogy.

Next we played chess.  I had suggested this as I know she's an avid fan of the game.  I was sure she would kick my butt because, like, she's read chess books and knows defensive strategies whereas I'm totally self-taught, play too aggressive, and all too often make dumb moves without looking them over properly.  I'm proud to say that I rather thoroughly trounced her in several games.  But I think she's still a better player than me, she's just rusty.  The last game we were playing, which was cancelled due to the arrival of a guest, she was well on her way to beating me rather soundly.  She was starting to get her game back.  I look forward to playing her again some day.

The guest was commodorevic, otherwise known as Adam.  Adam is the person for whom the entire Crazy Lawn Ornament Guy scheme was conceived.  Adam, afterall, found the ornaments in the first place.  Becky decided she wanted to impress him by meeting the owner of the house, but figured the reality would be much less interesting than the possibilities of the imagination, and so Claude Crawley was born.  Adam had still not been clued-in to the ruse, so all week she had been telling him how an lj.friend was coming to visit and he had to meet this person.  Of course, in the time since the original scam was perpetrated I've cut my hair, not to mention, the glasses do wonders for masking my identity in the photos.  He didn't recognize me at all.  Eventually, she spilled the beans and told him though.

All three of us then went to get some dinner at a place called Bukowksi's where I had the best grilled cheese sandwich ever (havarti and tomato on sour dough!).  They also had Maker's Mark on the bar so I was a content lad.  Then we went to see Kung Fu Hustle.  If you haven't seen this movie yet, go... you can read this later, go now, I mean it.  I haven't laughed so hard and for so long in a very long time.  Like, eyes-watering, side-splitting funny.  I'm not kidding!  Go. right. now!

See?  I'm right here where you left me.  Wasn't that so worth it, though?  No, really...  there's no need to thank me.  But I'm glad you took my advice and went.  Oh, I know.  Funniest shit, ever.  I'm gonna learn that Palm move.  Oh hell, yeah.  Anyway, where was I....

After that we headed for Coolidge Corner to an old movie theatre where, upon the stroke of midnight all the geeks and nerds in Boston would gather mysteryously.  Ok, not so mysteriously, it was am Atari 2600 "competition".  Asteroids, Space Invaders, etc.  They had hooked the Ataris up to projectors so that they played on movie screens and held loose, timed play-offs to determine who would be in a raffle for the "championship" round which included Frogger and Pitfall.  They even had a NES room set-up where they had timed  run-throughs of the first world of Super Mario Brothers.  In the NES room is where I too briefly got to say "hi" to ruxxell.  See I've known Russ off and on for about 7 years now, first on IRC and for the past 3 years on LJ, but we've never met.  We basically got to exchange hi's then our trio split for the championship room as it is was beginning but Russ hadn't had his turn at SMB yet.  I was hoping to run into him again before the end of the night but it didn't happen.

After the championships were over, they screened The Wizard; the really bad Fred Savage/Beau Bridges/Christian Slater movie that was basically a fancy advertisement for Nintendo, particularly the release of Super Mario 3.  Russ suggested in his journal that watching it in that atmosphere with the rowdy kids yelling things at the screen was the best way to see it.  But dude, you weren't sitting  It got old after a while.  What's scary is these guys like, knew all the dialogue to the movie.  You know how some people watch Monty Python's Holy Grail and know all the dialogue?  Yeah, it's like The Wizard was these guys' own personal Rocky Horror Picture Show.

By the time we got back to Becky's place it was something like 4am.  I bid adieu to my companions for the evening and told Becky if she wanted to hang-out on Sunday to just give me a call.  Adam added that he would have to work which sucks, he was fun to hang-out with, too.  I made it back to the hotel and crashed... and crashed...

...until Becky called me at 1pm!  She had something to do but she'd call me later, she said.  So, I got online via the hotel's wireless and did something I haven't done in a loooong time..  I did some heavy duty downloading of animal porn things to peruse later.  About 7 gigs worth.  That makes me happy.  It was at about 4pm I heard from Becky again, so it was off to the Land of Moon once again while the laptop continued to leech away.

We took Buddy for a walk in the arboretum that's near her house.  It wasn't an ideal day; it was actually kind of cold and it was threatening to rain, but it was a lovely walk all the same.  A lot of things are blooming this time of year, which made for a pretty walk.  In all the fun the day before I hadn't bothered pulling the camera out, but I had brought it along with me for the walk.  Proving once again that I can take a decent photo of a static object but suck at shooting live subjects, here is my favorite photo of the day...

...followed by some pretty bad ones of Buddy and Becky.

We walked back to the house and more conspiratorial photographic hi-jinks ensued that involved me being in so very high places.  Then Becky made us some bowls of Mac 'n Cheese and we watched The Simpsons.  I got to eat my Mac 'n Cheese out of Sport Lily's motivational cereal bowl!  How cool is that?  It's a good thing Sport Lily wasn't around though, she'd have kicked my scrawny ass for sure if she caught me eating from her bowl. 

I excused myself early as we both had to be up early in the morning.  We hugged goodbye, thus ending another adventure with the delightful mandy_moon.  I won't descend into another lengthy string of superlatives about my pal Becky, I did plenty of that after the first time we met.  I will reiterate however that she's as much fun in person as the journal she keeps and should you ever have an opportunity to meet her, go do it, without hesitation.  Just like Kung Fu Hustle, it's something you don't want to miss.
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