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Tatham Springs Hotel, Part IV

Part I   - The Exterior of the Hotel
Part II  - The Pool  & Bath Houses
Part III - The First Floor Interior, A
Part IV  - The First Floor Interior, B
Part V - The 2nd Floor Foyer, Hall, and Exterior
Part VI - The 2nd Floor Interior
Part VII - In search of the Tatham Spring
Part VIII - Epilogue, Tatham Springs: The Final Chapter

Part IV - The First Floor Interior, B

s you may recall, when we reached the first of the corner rooms, we caught a glimpse of a room through a doorway with a fireplace. 

If you were to turn and look through the doorway, you would have the following view:

Unlike the sides of the hotel, where the rooms are are not adjoining, the front of the Hotel is essentially a continuous flow of rooms, almost to the other corner.  Additionally, each room also has its own access to the porch and a couple have access to the rear.  Consulting our diagram, the above photos were taken roughly where the red "X" is.  The blue lines indicate our photographic focus today, the public and administrative rooms of the first floor along the spine of the "E" as well as the middle branch, which contains the Hotel's old dining hall and kitchen facilities.

Working from the corner room marked by the "X", we come to a rather large room with several things of interest.  As mentioned above, it is one of the first rooms we've encountered with a fireplace.

In the center of the room is a large hole in the floor....

...which I find curious.  The imaginative side of my speculation would be that perhaps there was some lore about buried money or treasure beneath a specific room of the Hotel.  It's safe to say this was done intenionally.  More than likely, however, there was probably an electrical pump beneath the flooring and when salvaging things of value from the Hotel, someone did it the easy way rather than lugging it out while crawling around on their belly beneath the foundation.  There was evidence of a cistern other than the pump house, on the front lawn.  The other thing which makes me think this, is that there is an old water heater in an alcove at the rear of this room.

Also, the small door on the right of the alcove takes you to a small bathroom, containing the only remainging toilet on the property.

To give you a another visual "feel" for where we are in the hotel other than the bland diagram, here's a view from the alcove window.  You can see the back wall of the side of the Hotel on the left.  This is the back-side with the missing porch, missing wall segments, old kitchen cabinetry, and Bud Light can from Part III.  You can also see the rear of the bath house from Part II, the one furthest from the pool.

The next room in-line also contains a fireplace, on the reverse side of the chimney which serves the previous room.

It also has a rear door, with steps that lead into the first of the old courtyards.  I say "courtyard" for want of a better term.  They are completely overgrown and imossible to discern what purpose, if any, they served for the Hotel.  I would assume they probably at one time had some benches and tables, possibly even outdoor dining in the warmer months.

In the next room, we are reaching the center of the spine and the design begins to change.  Remember in Part I, how the front of the Hotel juts-out slightly along the front where the front lobby is?  You can see that plainly from this room.  You can also see one of the dump trucks parked on the lawn.

If you went out the screen door, onto the porch, then through the other screen door which you can see through the window, you would be standing in the front lobby.  Additionally, the straight-line of consecutive doors we have just moved through ends here.  The room is connected directly to the lobby, the door is just offset further toward the back of the room.  Using my amazing and brilliant powers of deduction, I concluded that this was the Hotel's business office.

I'm going to save the lobby for the end of this entry as it will make a nice segue to the second floor.  For now, we shall skip past it to the other side where there is a rather large room with two doors leading onto the porch.  This room is immediately on the other side of the lobby.  On the other side of the far wall is the small storage room we saw in Part III with the collection of doors piled in it, and beyond that is the other corner room containing the piles of lumber. What interesting is what's been left beind in this room.

What the...?  Upon closer examination it becomes apparent that it is part of some sort of motorized chair lift

We now turn our attention to the middle branch of the "E" on the lower level.  This is the single largest room in the Hotel, the dining hall.  It's so large in fact that I couldn't capture it all in one shot as it entered from the lobby because it was too wide.  It's considerably wider than the floor above it because the sides have been fanned-out, with columns providing support for the upper level on both sides.

Using both photos as a composite of the room, you can see that both sides have doors leading to the courtyards which flank either side and windows which overlook them.  At the rear is the old kitchen area; to the left of which appears to be a service counter and to the left of which with a pantry behind it and to the right of which is another counter and some other storage areas.  You can also see the remaing studs of a wall which used to seperate the kitchen from the dining area.  Here's a couple more photos, one of the doorway on the left which leads to the courtyard and the service counter nearby.

From the rear looking back toward the front, you get a slightly different perspective.

The main doorway on the left leads back to the lobby.  You can just make out a second doorway to the far right, which would take you to the office.  You can also see behind the service counter from here, too

Behind the service counter is a small door leading into the pantry...

...its shelves long emptied.

The kitchen has chimney access with a water heater beside it.  Set in the rear wall is a large picture window which overlooks the back lawn and pool.  The large round opening looks as if it used to house a huge exhaust fan.

Finally, there is the lobby.  It's a rather small room and it was difficult to get any good all-encompassing photos of it.  The lighting wasn't ideal either and I wasn't able to get a photo which provided very crisp detail, but it's still pretty nifty beause this is the location of the only interior staircase.

I'm guessing the front desk was in the the bend of the staircase.  From this point of view, there are two doorways behind me, one leading onto the porch and another to the room with the chairlift.  Off to the right toward the rear is the doorway to the dining hall and to the left the doorway to the office.  There really isn't much room for the desk to have ben anywhere else.

The grounds and lower level conquered, it's time to make our ascent.

You can see the notches along the edge of the steps where the banister used to be.  The stairway curves and ascends into an upstairs foyer....

...where we shall begin Part V.

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