It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

on the move

Location: Bloomsbury, NJ

stormodacentury and I finished up in central New Jersey this afternoon around 1pm.  We actually got done a day early by shifting around the order of the last three stops so that we could make it to one customer who stopped receiving at 12pm, otherwise, we would had to have sat there until 6:30 tomorrow morning. So this means we're rolling!  Aaron's taking a nap and I have 9 hours to make a 6 hour drive across I-80 through Pennsylvania to Youngstown, OH.  Later tonight, around 11pm, another driver is dropping a trailer at my company's drop yard that we will relay back across Pennsyvlania through the night, to Perth Amboy, NJ by 7am.

Ugggh, I hate that drive.  They're working on so many of the bridges simultaneously that the interstate is contantly reduced to one lane across most of PA.  I much prefer the Turnpike further south, not only because at the moment it's faster, but it's also neater with it's mountain tunnels and commericial windmills.

I guess I'll boogie across PA and try to find some parking at the truckstops there before it gets too late in the evening.  At least I'll have WiFi access while waiting on the other driver to show up and split his load-out.
Tags: welfy

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