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Location: Indianapolis, IN

As promised, photographic evidence!  It's a Dragonball Z style of dork fusion called soopawelfy.

And a random photo I took in North Carolina a few weeks ago I've been meaning to post.  Me and Bruce Wayne are totally gonna hang next time I'm through there. 

I wonder if he'll let me slide down the bat pole.
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Does it freak you out when he drives on the wrong side of the highway like that?

And beware of him asking you to "slide down the batpole". He did that to me one time... once bitten...

I was fine until he asked me to wear Robin's costume then I got a little weirded-out.

At first I was confused as to why my e-mail client was trying to donwload 20+ pieces of mail. I was even more amazed when I saw them all being relayed to my livejournal comments folder. I thought to myself, surely those two little bullshit entries I made today didn't generate THAT much interest.

You've moved up to #8.

But you're still behind draysha68 (#6) who defriended me a month ago and saraheback (#7) who hasn't written in her own journal since February, and probably not commented in mine in at least a year.

Did you and Welfy really win that game of Whosit? or did those clones die a horrible, awful death in the backwoods of Massachusetts as the result of an ill-gotten victory?

I started to call it the Hall of Shame, but apparently that would've been a misnomer, for apparently, you have none. ;-)

i plan to hang on to my #2 spot, so let me know when i am in jeaopardy. by the way, when the hell did ROB overtake me?

and you know i meant "jeopardy".

I don't know! As I recall, the last time I did it, sometime last year you were still numero uno. A 15 comment deficit sholdn't be too hard to overcome, though. Especially with his current hiatus from the world of LJ :)

it's okay. if i am going to let anyone win, it will be him. :)

i can't make it work on mine.

i assume you followed the link to the Mac/Linux program... yeah I have no idea... i don't know if it still exists in it's web format anymore or not...

I don't know this "welfy" person but she is adorable.

Aw, you're sweet! :^)

I just call 'em like I see 'em.

Aw cool. I love Batman. I wonder though if he drives around during the day. Aren't bats nocturnal?

Yeah, I want to move up on your comment stats, too.

Because I'm annoying like that.

yeah but you don't wanna be a CHEATER do you?!?!? waaaaait a minute, a bet you two cheated together to beat those clones... you ARE the seedy one.

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