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pawn captures queen
Location:  Asheville, NC

I haven't talked much about stormodacentury's progress in training because there hasn't been much to remark upon.  He has been awesome since day one.  Our time together, though is drawing near an end.  He should be done by the first part of next week and into his own truck.  As for me, I'm taking a brief break from training at the conclusion of Stormo's tutelage and will find myself in the court of royalty when queenkatieett comes aboard in the last week of June.  I am hoping to arrange a cross-country trip over the weekend of July 4th. 

This will be an interesting trip of firsts.  Foremost, this will be the first time Katie and I have met.  Not counting Stomo's training, it will also be the longest an acquaintance - Livejournal or otherwise - has come on the road with me.  This will likely be a 2.5-3 week road trip from the midwest to the west coast and back, another first for taking along a companion.  We've been talking about doing this for several months now and have been actively planning it for the past several weeks.  It occured to me this afternoon while working-out some of the logsitics that we will be doing this on a holiday weekend, which will likely afford us the luxury of an extra day or two for side-excursions.  I would hazard to guess that this will be one of the high points of what is already proving to be a very interesting summer.  Our respective journals will no doubt be filled with our adventures in early July.  With any luck, I'll have her completely corrupted and morally bankrupt by trip's end for your reading enjoyment - or vice-versa.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have an upper-bunk to sabotage and render un-usable.

Edit To Add:

soopageek: what questions you got?
Queen Katie Ett: That wasn't English.
soopageek: that was one of my charming southern colloquialisms
Queen Katie Ett: Right.
soopageek: ginger snaps are better after the bag's been open a couple of days and they get chewy
Queen Katie Ett: This is the most ridiculous conversation I've ever had.
soopageek: rattling off non-sequitirs are fun!
soopageek: "is" i guess
Queen Katie Ett: Yeah, see?
Queen Katie Ett: Ridiculous.
soopageek: i was fooled by the plural of non-sequitirs
soopageek: and it tainted my verb tense
Queen Katie Ett: I'm totally leaving now.
soopageek: yes, but you'll still want me... just touch yourself when you have the urge
Queen Katie Ett: You have no idea.
Queen Katie Ett: I'll spend all day hiding in the bathroom at work so no one can watch me.
soopageek: what fun is there in that?
Queen Katie Ett: Oh.
soopageek: share!
Queen Katie Ett: Good call.

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As my sister would say, "Hottt with a capital h and two unnecessary t's."

By the way, you spelled my username incorrectly, making it impossible for your creepy trucking friends to stalk me and kidnap me for their own cross-country excursions with unusable bunks.

you have entirely too many e's in your username to keep them all straight

Don't try to blame me for your ineptitude.

See Stormo ... Not even shifting trailer loads are bad enough to make it into Soopa's journal.

And Soopa ... Luck would have it that you and Aaron have just about been begging for a cross country run since Boston with no luck, but as soon as you drop him off, you'll prolly hit Cali or sumthin.

Heh, well, I have no guarantees I can sequester this one, but I'm gonna try. It's kinda the whole reason Katie's wanting to go...

As for the load shift... Aaron beat himself up a bit too much over that. :) It takes a lot more than that to incur my sharp-tongued wrath on LJ. You know, like running people off that road and flattening stop signs.

(Psssst. Although he almost nailed a petrified stump today. ;-)

he neglected to tell me about that today. :) i will have to ask him when he calls me later on tonite.

you know you've got to come down here.

we must wreck the town.

corrupt away.

oh if there's anyway that it will work i think so, too. it would only be fitting.

even if there won't be any threesomes.


i might drink too much tequila...

list of things to get:

katie & hannah

By the way, why were you planning to shove me into that little top bunk to begin with? That's no way to treat a lady.

since when were you a lady?!

kidding, kidding, seriously.

that sounds like something i woulda said... 'cept i woulda left the kid's gloves off ;-)

I'm planning on having this bunk disabled. Maybe I can get Stormo to jump up and down on it before his last day in the truck and break it real good.

Maybe you shouldn't be so obvious about it. Like, if you could somehow have it rigged to where it'll break halfway through the first night, causing me to drop down on top of you, it'll make for a much better excuse to tell your girlfriends.

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