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too long to be about nothing of consequence
Location: Evansville, IN

Sitting in southwestern Indiana waiting to begin the third circuit of this North Carolina daily-run.  It's been a good week for mileage, though, I must say.  Which is good for stormodacentury: we got the message this morning that I've been authorized to drop him at the next terminal I'm through.  We'll complete this circuit and be assigned something for the beginning of next week.  I've gotten with my dispatcher to let them know that I need to get through a terminal.  With a little luck, Stormo should be in his own truck by early next week.

Which means for the next week I will have the truck allllll to myself, until queenkatieett joins me the last week of June.  It will be a nice break.  In other related news I found out something which hasn't made me happy.  I was beginning to become really excited about the prospect of taking a cross-country trip, even more so after learning that Katie had only been west of the Mississippi once.  Crossing the country at ground level is an amazing experience.  Unfortunately, I've learned that there are only two runs left on the account in this area which go to the west coast any longer, and both of them are two-day timetables requiring a team.  So going to the left coast is out.  I'm so bummed about this.  It looks as if we'll at least attempt a trip to Colorado which I've been assured is still doable by my fleet manager.

I'm also bummed about this on a larger scale because this means I'm going to be stuck in this area of the country so long as I remain on this account.  One of the things which always appealed to me was the best of both worlds sort of vibe to this account: I could be home every weekend but when I wanted to, I could take a load out west just for the occasional change of pace.  Now I know why I've been stuck with these east-coast runs every week for the past three months.  So, it presents a dilema for me.  On the one hand, I enjoy the hometime and the account is really laid-back in general, making it a breeze when it comes to my every day existence, but at the same time, I'm going to miss having the opportunity to travel beyond the mid-west and east-coast.  Right now in my mind, the former trumps the latter...  but maybe there is some other account or division in my company which could still provide me with both.  I guess I will have to consider shopping around.

Things have been... interesting... on certain fronts as some of you are well aware and others may be able to guess.  But I'm largely uncomfortable with spilling the contents of my private life into these electronic pages without some serious filtering, so that's all I will say for the moment about that.

Once I finish all this "lost summer" summer business I've been writing about, I have an idea for a spoof that I want to try.  I'm fond of parody and have tried my hand at spoofing various LJ-memes of the moment and even spoofing one of my trainees.  But I have an idea for spoofing someone's entire journaling style.  I've already spoken with my intended target (xianxu) about my devious plans.  Her intial reaction was slightly mixed but I think I convinced her that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... and I think she fell for that line. ;-)  Unfortunately, there are only a handful of people on my f-list who will appreciate the subtelty of the parody, but I shall do it none-the-less.

But I'm wondering if I will have the energy to spoof any of the rest of you.  It could be fun, but I'm not making any promises.

On the topic of memes, I have been occasionally tagged in these games and only on rare occasion do I actually follow suit.  To anyone I've ever sleighted in the past, my apologies.  I am not tagged for any of this nonsense currently and, while this is the case, it may be an appropriate time to state, please don't.  Every now and then I see one that looks like it would be fun to participate-in until I see the last part which usually says "Put this in your own journal" and then I scroll on by.  I don't offer this as any sort of judgement on folks who enjoy this, I just have a gut reaction to anything resembling a chain letter.  If I see something that looks like fun I play. But I guess I resent being made to feel like a bad sport for not reciprocating in my own journal so, why bother?

Gracious, I sound like an asshole.

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I have a hard time imagining anyone really caring if someone doesn't take the meme baton... but then I am so fantastically laid back about almost everything that maybe I'm not a good judge....

Really....I'm just fantastic.

Oh, I doubt that anyone cares.... but you know LJ... there's always drama waitin' to happen.

Also....beware of stepping into someone elses writing mode...You may get lost in some dark place you didn't know was there inside you.
*affect sage grandma voice with hint of mischief* If you hold your face that way long enough, it may get stuck that way!

*affect gravel-throated movie preview narrator guy voice* Be carrrrreful what you wish forrrr.....



Yeah, I'm a little wary of the whole notion. When I spoofed a trainee of mind it was like I stepped into his head... it was rather odd.

It should be fun spoofing miss hannah, though... i just hope i can but something together that is interesting and entertaining.... for the few of us that will get the joke :)

yeah, because fun is EXACTLY what i think about when i read the absolute crap that's come out of my mind.

"i can see through time."

love you lin -- please be kind.

Going cross-country by land vehicle is definitely kick-ass and something that everyone should do at least once in their life. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to drive to Mexico and back with my family.

Don't diss the east coast! Though where am I...east coast or midwest? I consider myself a mid-atlantic state.

oh i'm not dissin' the east coast... but i like variety :)

Heh heh...you said "asshole."

hehehe... i wish i'd had that icon when you said BOOBER.

Okay, I admit that I made that icon JUST so I could do the Beavis laugh and say "ass."

you pottymouth heathen...

Oh you know you love it.

make sure that you throw in a lot of bullshit, radiohead lyrics, southern baptist hymns, LOTS AND LOTS of swearing and sex, and plenty of flesh.

to roast, y'know?

ps, you need to entitle it "xianxu roasting party."

or else.

hahaha... The Soopageek Journal Roast, Featuring Xianxu

i intend to include all of the above plus obscure references to 80's sitcoms and hair-metal bands

Asshole? No, don't think so. Try PickySlut next time.

heh, i always sound like a pickyslut ;-)

Sound like an arsehole ???

Nah...just normal....with a life.


OMG just too funny [everyone's posts]. I come here for my shits and giggles of the day.

goingincirclez pointed out to me on our trip home on Wednesday from Chicago your trucking company and your post about traveling that way... So every time I saw a truck bearing that name I wanted to grab the CB, "soopageek, got ya ears on?"

But alas I resisted.

In other news: my family went to the Lighthouse (the restaurant across the street from that other springs/spa place I think we all should go visit) and was going to see if they could get some more background for us such as who owns it, the name of it, is it in any condition to explore.

actually, i don't have my CB hooked up at the moment... something I need to rectify

awesome... yeah, definitely let me know if you find out more about it...

You must fix it! CB talk is too fun. I love it when truckers go "Hey little lady in the black t'bird, got ya ears on." Especially when I've been on the road late at night and I need someone to talk to so I can stay awake.

I will defintely let you know once I find out more. I'm trying to scope out some more locations, too.

We've found one here in Frankfort that a co-worker's put me on to. AND he lives around Moterey (sp?) in Owen Co. and wants to go on an adventure there (and knows some sites and locals). You'll just have let us know when you're in town, with some time. (and hopefully we'll be in town with some time, too).

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