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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
The best thing going on LJ.

Handwritten Livejournal entries... complete with hyperlinks.  If you have the patience to download a video or two, you'll laugh your ass off.

Rob, you da man.

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the I O and U are entirely too close on the keyboard

do we have a final plan yet?

Excuses, excuses.

I'm driving over to meet you on Wednesday or Thursday.

In Louisville I presume. Okie doke. I guess just... be ready by mid-week and as I know something I will call ya and give you some idea of when :).

funny, i just thought i was being painfully self-indulgent

I used to create handwritten posts, but I never thought to include hyperlinks. It has potential...

seeing an earlier entry of yours, i'd date you because you look like alton brown.

not worth much i know.

you're neat.

had to google him to confirm or deny because i have no idea who anyone is ever. i think i have at least 25 pounds on him, i'm balding from the back instead of the front (which in its defense is a much more treatable form of baldness!), and i can't cook worth squat.

meanwhile, there's music theory on your interests list, which concerns me deeply as music theory has ruined my life. i don't know you, but i feel compelled to warn you: like meth or crack, theory is extremely dangerous, (but for slightly different reasons than meth or crack). definitely, whatever you do, do NOT teach it to undergrads as an adjunct for long enough that your only option is getting a Ph.D. in aforementioned subject. not even McDonald's will hire you if you spend enough time as an adjunct slave in the arts.

Dude, that was awesome. Kudos on the mad skills. I haven't head that song in years! Wish my talents were so amusing...

Love it love it! I wish someone would sing to me and post it on Livejournal, hehe.

Really cool journal.

trust me... you don't want that out of this journal ;-)

Well, maybe I'll sing to someone then! I'll sing to MYSELF! NYEH!

this is livejournal... we're all painfully self indulgent

your plan is to abduct me, and make me sing gilbert and sullivan (and coldplay)

" i nevvvvvahhh meant to do you haaaaaaaaahrm, that's whut i came here to sayyyyyyy"

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