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upsie datesies
Location: Winchester, VA

If you still haven't checked-out lossfound's journal despite my constant whoring of it, please go.  Now.  Handwritten entries, complete with hyperlinks, narrated daily buy FAKE BRITISH GUY and home-made videos covering cheesy 70's love songs.  Let one man's descent into insanity be your entertainment!

The plan for Saturday was to have spent a better portion of the day with miss welfy in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, things went awry when the load I was to pick-up in Arthur was delayed...  by twenty hours.  I got there 12 hours after it was supposed to be ready and it wasn't.  It was waiting on a single cabinet.  I sat for 8 hours, at which time they decided to just back-order the piece and send me on my way without it.  I waited 8 hours, for nothing.  There was much swearing and gnashing of teeth.  I did make it to PA by late evening and was able to spend several hours with the dork.  I may get to visit her later in the week as well, in Virginia Beach of all places.

Incidentally, I will be in Virginia all week.  In addition to dork stalking seducing visiting, I hope to visit my grandfather in Richmond as well.  His health has been declining rather steadily for the past year or two and sadly I'm in agreement with my dad that I'd be surprised if he makes it through the end of the year.  I had the chance to visit with him back in January and wondered if it would be the last.  It looks as if I have been blessed with another opportunity and I shall make the best of it.

My backhaul will have me in Illinois by Friday.  I presume after that I will be assigned the load which will carry queenkatieett and I westward to Colorado.  Someone please pray for my soul.  Sometime in the course of her abuduction our time together, we hope to cross-paths with the mysterious and elusive xianxu in Lexington, upon whose journal Katie and I have developed considerable crushes over the past few months.  Hannah insists that a threesome is not likely, but I'm not taking any chances and bringing the Cuervo, just in case.  With some luck, I'm hoping that during our trip westward we will be afforded the opportunity for additional livejournal socializing with justamy and lacyunderall in Kansas City, on or around the holiday.  I am so down for some Genghis Kahn!

I wanna go shoot assault weapons with hockeyfag.

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the handwritten entry project officially expires on tuesday. i might still keep FAKE BRITISH GUY around though. maybe.

when you guys come to lexington, give me a holla'. i can videotape your threesome and we can all make ze big bucks on ze intarweb!

sweet! i've always wanted to be a pr0n star!




i'll take that as a maybe ;-)

i'm rick james, bitch!

it's a celebration

eat drink and make merry

for tomorrow we dye

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