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boy does it suck to be anal retentive, or if you're Madonna, you just suck it

Location: Spiceland, Indiana

Dream one:

I lived in a commune. But it wasn't your average commune, we were actually captive. We lived on the campus of a University and were part of some sort of experiment. Our relationship with our captors was Hogan's Heroes-esque in that we basically came and went as we pleased by ingenious secret passages and subterfuge. Similarily, when someone from the university would recognize us in public, they were some what lackadaisical in their concern. Basically, we weren't really trying to escape, just get out every now and then, and they knew this. However at the same time, they would never let us just walk out the front door. I was a young teen, living with a family (I hesitate to call it my actual family, I just recall there being parental figures and siblings) and we had snuck out of the university to spend a day at King's Island amusement park. We were in the parking lot of the park, and I was watching this fantastic roller coaster that did something like 4 consecutive loops then went straight into a triple corkscrew, then more loops: in short it appeared to be the most insane roller coaster ever conceivied, and oh boy did I want to ride it. To my dismay, we could never get out of the parking lot because my science experiement parents were super anal retentive about "being prepared" with coolers of food and sunscreen and life-jackets (I am presuming for the water rides shrugs) and detailed maps of the park with pre-planned routes and ride itineraries. The planning process was so immobilizing that we never made itinto the park. I think we actually made it in line to the park because I remember some researchers for the Univeristy were behind us in line and making jokes about us being "little rats" who had gotten out of their cages.

Dream two:

I think I had my first dream with LiveJournal in it (that's not a good sign). It wasn't anything specific about livejournal, I just remember I was among a group of friends who regularly used LJ to communicate with each other, in addition to mthe more traditional means of phones and email. Someone was moving and we were enlisting the help of anyone who wanted to lend a hand. They lived on 2650 126th street and were moving elsewhere, this is what theLiveJournal entry side anyway. The curious thing is, someone on my "friends" view in the dream had a great picture for their entry of Madonna, holding a cock in her hand smiling at the camera, looking like she was getting ready to go down on it. That is such a great idea for a Photoshop fake, someone with more skill than I should do this and email it to me. The rest of the dream was rather boring in detail, just people arguing over how to pack the truck so it would be most efficient, blah blah blah. I guess the people were anal retentive in that dream, too.

I wanna smash it up for all my friends, I hope you stick around until the very end

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