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Location: Roanoke, VA

I would like to pre-pend this entry with the following apology to my entire f-list for the overwhelming amount of sappy goofiness as of late.  I realize this is new territory for this humble journal and was not part of the original package when you signed-up.  That said....

I had an awesome time in Virginia Beach yesterday with welfy.  Even though my getting there was fraught with obstacles which had to be hurdled, it was worth it for the time spent in her company.  It was dreary and rainy, which kept us indoors for much of the day, but we managed to keep ourselves occupied.  Not a little of it involved lots of playing with cameras, as she is as big of a dork about photo-ops as I am.  At least she's more photogenic than me.

I have to be in Chicago by morning and don't have a lot of time in which to complete it, so I haven't had the chance to go through all of the digital evidence.  I shall probably share some more of it in the future (and some I won't ;-), but for now, here are two photos.  I shall cut it to spare those of you dry-heave gagging already.  As if there aren't already enough photos of welfy in the world, these I really liked....

...if for no other reason that she was looking at me.

Tags: photo, welfy
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