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just for paul
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck to the fuckity fuckizzity fuckin' fucktard fuck-me-running fuckface fizzookin' fuckwonder fucktastic FUCKALL of fuckables fuckweasel fuckalicious

now get the fuck outta here

Edit To Add: Fake British Guy honored me by reading this entry.

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Does this count?

i blatantly stole that from yshaloo... but i think it counts!

where's my royalties? i'll accept royalties in the form of toasted marshmallow jelly bellies.

mmmkay, thanks. :P

i like the coffee jelly bellies mahself

...fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck... that's some good cursin...

You sound like a couple of the guys that I work with. They'd say that on the air while dispatching a call if they could. :-)

hahaha... that'd be awesome "We have a couple of fucktards who shot each other in the fucking heads with nailguns. We need a mother fuckin' EMT unit over there now."

If we could only get away with saying that! :)

Ever see the movie "Bringing out the Dead"? That movie cracks me up... the banted over the radio was frightening and hilarious at the same time.

FAKE BRITISH GUY liked your entry

sweet! FBG has a face!

hehehe... you know another fun thing could be to have FBG read entries from your f-list ;-)

hahaha! the best easter egg of all... i totally missed it... that was awesome

i wasn't sure if your fuck counter was about actual fucking or gratuitous swearing... so i figured i'd try and cover all the bases

I must ask (1) how you think I might be able to ascertain anybody's fucking fucking statistics, and (2) how I as a married person could possibly be leading such a list?

1) magic, obviously

2) touche... i was married 9 years ;-)

Awesome! Reminds me of that famous sound bite, which i can't find online, but is transcribed here.

I want to fuck you like an animal.

that has to be the creepiest icon/comment combo ever...

not that the sentiment isn't appreciated ;-)

and mutual

Hahaha...whoops! I didn't notice.

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