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short and (gag) sweet
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Well I didn't get the opportunity to visit with my grandfather this past week.  I literally drove right by his house but was on a schedule and couldn't stop.  With as much as I keep getting back to the Virginia area though, I'm thinking I'll have more opportunities.  I hope so.

I'm actually heading back there this week, which sucks because I had hoped to take queenkatieett westward for our trip together.  Perhaps we wil be able to do it next week.  At the conclusion of writing this entry I'm heading to Lexington, presumably to meetup with her and xianxu sometime this evening.  I've opted for just sitting here today and resetting my hours. It'll make my life a lot easier next week. I haven't even told Katie that bad news, yet.  I guess I have a phone call to make and some splain'n to do.

While in Virginia Beach with welfy this week, we went to a neat store called Cool and Eclectic, which had all sorts of fun and weird things for sale.  While we were there, I met her sister.

As you can see, the resemblance is striking.  Apparently, the thing for short, bald(ing) guys who travel a lot runs in the family, too.

I'm typically anti-topical in my journal, but what the hell.

1) Fuck you, Nike.  This is just disgusting.  I hope Ian McKaye sues the ever-living fuck outta them.  On the upside, fun with photoshopping album cover art.

2) Not that I advocate any of the atrocities performed by the BTK Strangler of Wichita, but I do admire his panache.  I mean, if you're going to be a serial killer, at least have some style like this dude.  In his allocution to the crimes, he told one story in which he broke into the apartment of a 25 year old woman in the 1970's.  When she came home, he confronted her with a weapon and explained that he was psychologically impaired and sexually dysfunctional and that he was sorry, but, he was going to have to rape her.  They spent 30 minutes talking, smoking cigarettes and drinking wine.  The conversation ended with her saying, "Well, let's get this over with so I can call the police."  Then he strangled her to death, without raping her.

3) I came a little when I saw this. Record ecstasy. Someone loan me 10 grand. I'm good for it.

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So which one is hotter? Me or her?

What impressed me about the BTK killer was that he managed to be a church leader and fool everyone.

shew... that's a tough call... but just so a certain sailor man doesn't start squeezing spinach cans and kick my ass.... i'll take the sdie of physical safety and go with you ;-)

Oh, good. I wouldn't like some dude kicking your ass. Though if I want any attention from you, I should probably wear a robe made out of 45s.

it takes much less than that

literally ;-)

Many less records? Or should I wear a jacket made of cd's? Those are smaller.

to be honest... when you're looking at me, i don't notice anything else.

(That sounded wrong on so many levels)

*rolls eyes*
soopageek and ubergeek, lovely!

wouldn't have you any other way!

We make a good team.

and together we shall build leper colonies


(I had to.)

well at least i recognized the level of sap, miss hopeless romantic.

and it's not as if, you know, i'm writing huge entries about *swoon* sudden LURVE declarations at dusk in romantic rustic settings with creeks and fireflies.... ;-)

where the hell are you guys?

hurts my soul.

damn it!

i dunno yet

give me a ring tomorrow.

i assume katie has your number?

The record collection looked interesting. Somebody is going to have a field day. Of course, it a got a little repetitive reading the questions and seeing the fellow refuse to estimate the size of the piles. "Your guess is as good as mine", he kept saying. Though, he's actually looking at the stacks and could easily count a box, so if it weren't for his laziness, his guess should actually have been better.

i wish i could be having that field day. i'd love to sit in that room for a few weeks with a turntable and a pair of headphones

a) I don't think I've ever seen a less subtle gank than that there Nike bullcrap.

b) Does that man own every single 45 ever produced? And, does ebay provide financing options for the small house required to house all of them? And for the 3 month vacation required to "verify the quality of the purchase?"

yeah the Nike thing has me steamed. it's so obvious when you put all the artwork side by side. and just the fact that it's called "Major Threat". Sheesh. Makes me sick that someone who has strived so hard to not be a commodity of the coprporate machine, and still make a living and reputation for himself, has to have it sullied by Nike's blatant stealing of it.

I'm glad I've never owned a pair of Nike shoes, ever.

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