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Washington with the Queen
It has taken some getting used-to, travelling with royalty. 

First of all, the heralds which have to blow their horns everytime she goes somewhere is giving me a headache.  Then there is the whole issue of sundry attendants and underlings which populate the truck, making conditions even more cramped than they already are.  The one really effeminate dude in the poofy clothes and stockings always shushing everyone and whispering "The queen speaks!" when Katie holds up her hand prior to talking is getting on my last nerve.

That aside, we've been having a lot of fun.  We spent the evening of the 4th parked in downtown Baltimore.  We didn't get to see any grand fireworks displays like we had hoped,  but we had a good meal and were able to get showers.  The next day, I began my work, delivering cabinets around the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area.  At the end of the day, we found ourselves in Alexandria, VA near a train station.  With time to kill and a convenient place to park, we decided to take a trip into the city.  It had been years since either of us had been to D.C. and the gathering storm in the skies above would not deter us.  Within an hour, we were standing in The Mall looking at all of the iconic architecture of our nation's history, a mere day after the big party held here to celebrate her birthday.  The place was a wreck from the bash, too.  All of the booths, stands, and stages still littered The Mall from the previous night's festivities.

We walked in the direction of the Capitol first, then doubled back toward the Washington Monument....

...and beyond toward the Lincoln Memorial.  We stopped at the World War II Memorial at the edge of the reflecting pool for a break.

The fountain was fun to watch, as were the ducks.

I was just photo-whoring for my own amusement while Katie chased the ducks around.

When I got bored making faces for the camera, I found Katie sitting by the edge of the fountain still watching the ducks and playing with her camera, too.  I decided we needed some group pictures, as well.

Definitely a regal air about her, no?  It was getting darker and darker so we made our way to the Lincoln Memorial.  It was nightfall by the time we made it to the other end of the reflecting pool.  We became somewhat fascinated with trying to capture really cool night-time photos.  I'm not going to post any of mine in this entry because they really deserve to be viewed at full resolution and they are quite large.  I may post them in another entry with ample warning in the next day or so.

We couldn't stay terribly late or we wouldn't be able to catch a train back out to Alexandria, so we called it a night after the Lincolm Memorial and very nearly got lost trying to find our way back to the train station.

Katie has already posted a much more entertaining entry about our evening in D.C. than I put together, of course, I don't have the luxury of being driven all over the country-side every day.  I guess this is what seperates royalty from the paupers, though.

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I love when you cam-whore. :^)

Oooh, Katie actually DOES look like she did in my dream, except for the hair. Eerie!

Does Queen Katie have a court jester? I bet HE gets annoying fast.

he bonked me in the head with his balls a couple of times

I know a thing or two about balls.

If I ever meet him, I shall kick his ass.

Re: I know a thing or two about balls.

with your sunburn, it makes you look so mad that you're turning red!

Re: I know a thing or two about balls.

Maybe I've just been drinking a lot.

Loved Katie's wrap up and all the shots.

Speaking of Asheville, I'm there next Thurs - Sun and haven't been for years (Did I you know I grew up in Fayetteville and went to college at UNCG?). What must we not miss?

Oh, I haven't had much chance to get out and about in Asheville, save for the truckstop nearby. Maybe after your trip you can hip me to what's in the area other than the Bat Cave....

looks like you had fun. when i was up at the ww2 monument the ducks stole some kid's ring out of his hand and dropped it in the pool, then took turns diving for it. just like kids at the pool. 'twas great.

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