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i'm never wrong
Location: Ruther Glen, VA

For any of you that followed the link over to the Queen's entry about our time in Washington, D.C. earlier this week, you may have noticed that she insinuated that I was somehow wrong about which way the Washington Monument was leaning.  Her photo is obviously an optical illusion due to her unsteady hand on the camera, which makes it appear that it is leaning to the right.

I just wanted to show you, that with my considerable skill and experience photographing structures that it does indeed lean to the left.

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who's the one leaving comments at 1:30am when they have lady-friends visiting? ;-)

but i was asleep then! you know...tuckered out from the day's activities.

you're such a slut. i bet he was all smooth and like "dennis ain't got nothin' on me, baby. lemme rock you like a hurricane."

you have me confused with carl methinks

"Yeah the night I'm downloading porn at 14 kilobytes a second! Ha! I'm just kidding. I got a cable modem back here."


almost makes me want to squeeze into my badass red jeans

"I just wanted to show you, that with my considerable skill and experience photographingshopping structures that it does indeed lean to the left."

What is that, the tower of Pisa?

Could it be that your considerable skill and experience in Photoshop is also in evidence here? For the sole purpose, of course, of confirming your side of the argument?

I don't know if it's even considerable. I mean, look: you can see the outline of the original monument right behind the tilted one that he is trying to trick us into thinking is real. :^P

it... it... um... it's an illusion... um, caused by... the way the light was refraclecting through the clouds and... uh, the sun got in my eyes and the dog ate my paper

(Deleted comment)
i can't view it in full size :(

because if it was cute I would probably shamelessly change the name and save it for future use

(Deleted comment)
hahaha... i'm glad to see OSU is offering such swank disciplines of study

It looks like your certificate has been tampered with!

I'm trying to stay on his good side; I might need him in case certain photos of me ever surface in a court of law, and I'd hope he could fix things up from and remove a few things on them for me.

In that spirit, what outline? what trick? what original monument?

Dude, they're already online. I saw them at www.hothamsterlove.com two months ago.

are you suggesting that i fudged that photo? i'm personally and deeply insulted.

What fudging? I was talking about enhancement.

Paranoia strikes deep! Into your heart it done creep!

Buffalo Springfield would've been infinitely more entertaining if you had penned their lyrics.

Its so obvious what you did....

You just went to the other side of the monument and photographed it.

damn your exacting eye for details!

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