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night photography in D.C.
Location: Ashland, VA

Here are the night-time photos I took from Washington, D.C. earlier in the week.  WARNING:  There are seven high-resolution photos behind the cut, each of which are about a half meg, so click at your own risk.  I'm posting them at 800x600, but if you want to to see the 1280x960 goodness, click on the picture.

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The first and last are my favorite. Those are amazing! Like I told you before, I love how in the last one it looks like Abe is calmly regarding all those little people at his feet.

Better dead than red!

Is it just me, or are all those people Chinese? Dammit, I knew it. I tell you its a new communist invasion against which we must protect our precious bodily fluids!

Re: Better dead than red!

Hmmm...they DO look Chinese. And one is pointing a red laser right at Lin's head!

Wow, those are gorgeous. I *love* the last one. Every time I'm in DC for work, I make sure I go and pay my respects to Abe. I'm a histoy geek, and it's such an awe-filling monument. Same thing with the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. I make sure to stop by that too and seeing the boots under the names makes me cry. Every time.

i wanted to go by the Vietnam Vet's Memorial because it didn't exist the last time i had been in DC... we didn't really have the time though....

abe rulez.

it's a short walk east and slightly north of Abe (just NE of the reflecting pool). and totally worth it.

actually, one of my favorite "DC" monuments is rolling thunder. it's a guaranteed cry, for me.

that has to be the most random, out-of-the-blue comment i've had to an old entry, ever... since we have no mutual friends, i'm wondering how you found your way here... i'm assuming since you live in the DC area you saw my photos somewhere. just curious :)

In my semi-random wanderings I try to post how I browsed in but in this case I'd already forgotten. I've since looked it up: cubicchixor's recent quiz mentioned the intriguing name of satchmojuju who listed welfy who mentioned you prominently (apparently somewhere other than her own, private journal). Somewhere in there was a link to a community which contained solely photo posts by you.. aha! it was [Unknown LJ tag].

sorry for just dropping in like that but I did enjoy finding and reading you. It wasn't *that* old an entry -- it was within the month and well within your journal's first page.

oh i don't mind the wandering-in... but usually there's no more than a single degree of Livejournal seperation and I can figure it out rather handily... in this case i was stumped...

excellent pics. i always drive through dc but never stop and see the sites.

Last and 2nd last are spot on fantastic.
Great shots all round !!


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