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return to an old friend

my friend justamy introduced me to livejournal and i've for the most part not had the inclination to put anything here... tonight after tracing a profile here, i thought i might as well take another stab at it... btw, cool site, check it out if you the words "indie" or "punk" regularly come out of your mouth....

it's been a weird couple of weeks for me... both of my old roommates moved out, my two new roomates moved in, and my girlfriend and i kinda/sorta mutually ended our off-and-on 2.5 year relationship.... how's that for ambiguous... summing up that relationship in two sentences seems to indicate that this is probably for the best.... i'm not even really particularly broken up about it... it died so slowly over the past year or so that the final blow seemed like more of a whisper than a scream... so now i'm single again... and really, for the first time in nearly 14 years.... and i think i'm going to keep it that way for a while... if there's one thing that i've learned from my relationships is that i'm apparently a hard person to live with... i don't see it... i mean i'm easy going, mild-tempered, un-macho, not the jealous type, understanding... but on the other hand... i am an INTP... i have intense hobbies and value my time to myself as much as i value my time with a mate... i've yet to find a gal who can really understand this part about me without getting jealous of the time i spend pursuing those interests... it's probbly help if i found a gal who shared my interests... maybe we could do a lot of it together.... but... i'm not going to obsess about it... i think i'm just going to spend my time concentrating on my job, my interests, and meeting/making new friends...

damn i'm gonna miss sex...

word of advice: never, EVER use the bathroom towel poking out from underneath the bed in a single guy's room

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