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two finger welfy
Location:  Mt. Vernon, IL

In Concordia, Missouri this afternoon I stopped at a gas station because I needed some chocolate in my life.  While inside, I decided to make use of the "facilities" as it were.  Above the urinal was the common sight of a condom dispenser, advertising a particular brand of Hawaiian prophylactics in "4 exotic colors".  In ball-point pen above the brand name, someone had scrawled:

Don't buy this gum!

In addition to photos I took a few weeks ago in Virginia Beach with a certain dork, I stealthily shot some video.  Using my awesome video editing skills, I hacked together these two videos for your amusement (.wmv file, 7Mb).  I was too lazy to bother muting the sound of military jet planes roaring overhead, so you may want to just mute your computer speakers.  Sound is really irrelevant, the video tells the whole story.

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It's odd. I don't mind pictures of myself, but seeing myself on video is strange. And seeing myself type the way I do...hahahahaha wow. No wonder people stared at me in the computer lab!

somehow i expected something very different from the video, given the subject line.

like, maybe her playing a two-finger punk rock guitar solo.

hahaha.. she told me in chat "two finger welfy" sounds so wrong... i said no, "four finger welfy" would sound really wrong ;-)

but that's how it is with all good marketing and advertising, right? rope 'em in with a snazzy title, tag line, etc.

That'll be the next video. Only instead it will be a mandolin.

I think something's wrong wiht my puter cause it won't open the files. It keps saying that an internal error has occurred.


try installing VLC! might fix it, might not. odds are decent though.

Good. Don't open it. He recorded my TWITCHING LEG.

So . . . did you buy the gum?

it sure was chewy!

(what are you waiting for miss-no-comments-on-my-damn-entry?)

oh yeah, i noticed it was a public entry at that.

Should it have been private?

I said, "I'm not sure what I'm waiting for," not "I'm still waiting for Wade to ask me to stay."

I think he'll be okay.

Re: passive-aggressive

you know... this is a public entry, too :)

Hey, if he's clever enough to find this, he deserves to read it.

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