July 20th, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

Location: Jasper, Indiana

My great friend R. met a young man by the name of N. a few months ago. N. is the roomate of a mutual friend of ours and met him that way. They found a common chemistry which blossomed and flourished rather rapidly. R. due to some fairly rough relationships in the past year was trying to keep him at arm's length - for these reasons as well another big reason: prior to meeting R., N. had done some very stupid things. He had been arrested on charges of cultivating marijuana with firearms on the premises, possession of marijuana (I'm told the quantity was 6 trash bags full) and, icing on the cake, within 1000 yards of a school, which is an automatic Class A Felony in the state of Kentucky. In Lexington, that's virtually anywhere in the city. He was summarily arrested and agreed to a plea involving dropped/reduced charges. N. is by no means a criminal, he's just a guy who developed an interest in something illegal and it ballooned into a hobby that got out of hand. More than likely, with some maturity (he's 20) it's something he would have likely abandoned and grown out of, he unfortunately was caught. He is an electrician by trade and in all my interaction with him have found him to be intelligent, considerate, and hard working. Out on bond and awaiting sentencing, the experience of the arrest and the prospect of jail time matured him rather quickly and he straighteend his act up immediately and has had nothing to do with his hobby since. It is in this time frame and under these circumstances that R. met N.

Things have gone fine and their relationship has gotten ever more serious, despite R.'s reluctance; her emotions simply could not be ignored in how she felt for N. Then, out of the blue, three weeks ago, R. received a phone call that her uncle had committed suicide with a gun. She went back home to eastern Kentucky where her uncle lived to be with her family and they buried him on a Friday. She came home for the weekend to come back to work, then on Monday, returned to Campton, KY for another brief visit and moral support. After returning home Monday night, she received a phone call: her other uncle (the brother of the previous uncle) had just taken his life by slitting his own throat. She had just visited with him that afternoon.

When I saw her last weekend she was a mess: having lost two uncles in such gruesome manners within a few days of each other. Doctors had prescribed her antidepressants to help with the emotional distress and pain. She was in a daze, trying to make sense of things and not finding many answers.

Two days ago, N. was sentenced to 10 years in the state penetentiary.

I love her so much and would give anything to be able to carry some of it for her. Watching her in so much pain is unbearable. It's not fair that one person is dealt so much at one time.
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