July 27th, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

home for the weekend....

Yesterday I helped my sister move into her new house. It was all hot, hard, and heavy but it feels good to help.

Later, last night, my brother was wrecking his car - on purpose. My brother Chris likes to run cars in demolition derbies during the county fairs in the summer time. Last night was the closest one to home, which I usually make it to every summer - in Harrodsburg. He typically runs Chevette's in the mini-class but this time was straying from form and running a small Mustang II in the mini's. It ended up being a very entertaining evening. It certainly was the most fun I've had at the derbies to date. My brother came in second in his class. He should've been champion but was kinda robbed on a technicality. But at any rate, it was a lot of fun and he won 300 bucks. Not too shabby for driving a piece of shit around in the mud and running into people.

I keep saying one summer I'm going to have him help me get a car together and do it one time, just for the helluvit. I'd wanna do the big car class, though. That looks like a LOT more fun - the power, the speed, the impacts.... maybe I will someday.

this weekend Noggin ran a marathon of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" and I found out about it last night when I got in from the fair. I got like 4 episodes taped and that was it - it was over. Just my luck. Gawd I love that show.

I took tons of pics this weekend, specially of the derby cars all spray painted up and ready to rock and roll. Later this week I'll post a few of the more interesting ones.
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