August 2nd, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

interview chain

Location: Chicago

Ok, here's the dilly yo.

What follows is a 5 question interview/survey that was put to me by newest_fad. It is a chain interview of sorts. Per the conditions of this interview, I have to post my answers here for her amusment as well as anyone else who stumbles through. The deal is, if you would like to be itnerviewed by me, leave a comment requesting so and I will come up with 5 questions I would like to know about you. Then you post it in your journal, so on and so forth.

1. your honest opinion of the state of kentucky?

I love Kentucky. Up until a year ago, I used to complain some about it. But after travelling a good deal of the country in the past year, I've come to appreciate it more. It truly is "God's country" as a lotta Kentuckians are fond of saying. One thing I've always loved about Kentucky is it's blend. It is where Appalachia, the south, and midwest come together. There are few places with as much character and charm as Kentucky. Besides, where else in the world can you live where they grow tobacco, make damn good whiskey, and love to gamble on the horses. I hate being in other states and not being able to find Maker's Mark whiskey in bars and restaurants. We have given the world Hunter S. Thompson, Johnny Depp, Slint, Les McCann, and Richard Hell. We have the world's best kept culinary secrets: the Hot Brown and Burgoo. One of my favorite places to be in the whole world is Ketnucky in sprnig, when the dogwoods are in bloom. Then later, when the locusts bloom and the air is so fragrant. Then just at the start of summer all those blooms blow around in the spring wind and it looks like snow. I may choose to live other places someday for different experiences and other opportunities, but Kentucky will always be home, and Kentucky will always have my heart.

2. what you look for in a companion (this can also mean a friend)?

Someone I feel I can be myself around. Someone who has the capacity to pull me out of my shell that I like to hide inside from time to time. Someone who likes words and music. Someone who can point out the beauty in something I may have missed. Someone who likes to converse at odds just for the thrill of debate. Someone with an open mind.

3. the last book you read that made an impression on you was?

The Big Bang Never Happened by Eric Lerner

4. strongest conviction and why its so important?

Life is too short. It's too short to waste your time being petty. It's too short to spend hating people. It's too short to worry excessivley about what you already have done and what you will do. "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon

5. on average, do you say yes or no more?
I am an excessively agreeable person. It ain't pretty being easy...

1 -- Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 -- I'll respond & ask you five questions.
3 -- You'll update your journal with my five questions & your responses.
4 -- You'll include this explanation.
5 -- You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

new music..

Location: Chicago

I have been blessed with "new" music to listen to after so many ages of having the same old stuff. New in that I haven't heard it. Stuff swrling in this audiophile's ears the past coupla months.... The White Stripes Elephant, Sleater-Kinney One Beat, Jurassic 5 Power In Numbers, New Pornographers Mass Romantic, Yeah Yeah Yeah's Fever To Tell, Del The Funky Homosapian No Need For Alarm, Mono Men Bent Pages, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes Are A Drag and Blowin' In the Wind (stop yer snickering!), Queens of the Stone Age Rated R, The Jam Dig the New Breed, Setting Sons, and Sound Affects and the Detroit Cobras Seven Easy Pieces.

I have this Lydia Lunch double disc I bought in a pawn shop 3 months ago but just haven't gotten around to listening to it. I have to be in a mood to deal with Ms. Lunch and I just haven't been.

Stay away from Zwan. It's EVIL and BAD. Billy Corgan's ability to create compelling music based largely on his garganutan ego is wearing thin. The Christina Aguilera album actually looked promising (yer snickering, again!) and so I gave it a chance. Now I can at least say I'm informed when I slag it. In the realm of white-kid R&B, I must admit, anytime I hear music attributed to the Justin Timberlake solo album on the radio, I am mildly impressed (by now yer sides are probably hurting from laughter, shut the hell up). I guess I'm doomed to find and listen to that record, too.

Bands I've heard recently and need more of: Gluecifer, Crime Kaisers. (man, I am becoming such a fan-boy of Euro-garage bands) and Tricky Woo (cannucks!).

So everyone. What have you been listening to? Is there something out there that I must hear?

I gotta get to Indy. I might get lucky enough tonight to get online, but I'm not hopeful. I would need to make it all the way to Columbus tonight before running out of driving hours and I'm not sure I can. It's gonna be a close-shave for me to do it and I already got in trouble last week for violating the hours-service when I got stuck in Chicago traffic and ran over by 1 hour. They told me if I do it again in the next 6 months they're gonna suspend me for 8 hours. I don't like getting in trouble with the suits. The more the suits are not in my life the better. Let's see: 3 to Indy, 3 to Arthur, 4 to Richmond: that's 10 hours. Yeah I won't even make it to Ohio tonight. Hrm, there's a Fying J in Spiceland, Indiana about 30 miles from the Ohio border. There's a though! I'm beginning to think I won't make it to Rhode Island by Monday morning. This little foray to Chicago has nixed that, unless I really haul it. We'll see, I s'pose

We've bought into Scientology, we have a career. Soundgarden has bought into Scientology, they have a career. Pearl Jam has bought into Scientology, they have a career. Nirvana? Hook line and sinker. Gas Huffer... half of Gas Huffer has bought in Scientology and half of them might have a career. -Mark Arm adlib during "In n Out of Grace" from Mudhoney's live Mud Songs import.
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