August 22nd, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

back in god's country

Location: Lexington, KY

Everytime I leave home and head out on the road I reset the trip counter in my truck. This keeps track of the miles and hours the truck has run. I last set it on July 27th. Today, sitting here in the parking lot of Lexington Mall, the trip counter rests at 10,097 miles and 530 hours and 45 minutes. I'm so glad to be home. Despite this really nasty storm, it's nice to see the rolling bluegrass hills framed in white plank fences and dotted with horse barns. I saw a tobacco field on Man O' War Blvd. I had forgotten how yellow the plants get this close to cutting season. I should try and take pictures of some tobacco fields before they get cut, if nothing else for all you non-Kentuckians who have probably never seen a tobacco field. They're actually quite pretty in mid-summer when they bloom purple before they are "topped". Now they're getting fat and yellow, but it sure beats the hell outta mile after mile of corn fields.

I'm meeting Robin here shortly and we're probably going to take in a movie: more than likely American Wedding or Freddy vs. Jason. I'd rather see Freddy Vs. Jason as I think would Robin, but I'll probably push for American Wedding, since, we should probably finish seeing the trilogy together before it gets out of the theatres. Yeah it's kinda corny but Robin and I have this really weird thing about traditions: we watch the Sopranos together when a season is released on video and we watch them back-to-back for 12 straight hours, the two of us and Carla spend every New Year's Eve together, and, since we saw the first two American Pie movies together, I think it's fitting that we see the latest installment together as well. It's kinda cool to have someone to build traditions with, even if they are kinda hoakey. Even though she and I did not work out as a couple, it's nice to have found such a good friend in the process.

Tomorrow I plan to go out to my parents and visit with my mom for the remainder with the weekend and go see my kids Sunday night before heading back for Arthur. The funny thing about weekends home, sometimes I feel like I run just as much or more than when I'm working.

And cartons of Marlboro for $21.99! Yes, it is good to be back in God's country. We'll hafta go get a drink later so I can sip a Maker's Mark and smoke a cigarette.
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