September 3rd, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

charmed, I'm sure....

Location: Dartmouth, Massachusetts

As I was leaving Lexington Sunday night, there was a beautiful rainbow spread across the city after the rather nasty electrical storm we had. I snapped a couple of pictures of it.

I also took a couple of pictures of myself in my new shades. It's kinda funny cos I think the kid in the van beside me saw me taking the pictures and was making faces. There's also a zillion new pictures of my wonderful cat, and some pretty photos of lilypads in a lake in Ohio.

My trip to Rhode Island went as such: Lexington- Cannonsburg, KY (sleep), onto Carlisle, PA (nap), onto Totowa, NJ (nap), onto Richmond, RI where I had my first delivery of the morning. Ah, those northeastern accents. I made three stops in Rhode Island then headed on up into Massachusetts.

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