September 6th, 2003

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Location: Effingham, Illinois

On my way to St. Louis this afternoon the proverbial yang to my $7,000 ying occured. About 50 miles from where I was going, I went through a weight station, the only one left on my journey. All of the others along the way had been closed or my Pre-Pass let me truck on past. But this one didn't. And it turns out I had an axle that was overweight by 2400 lbs. Grrrr. $220 fine. I have no right to complain really. I knew it was a heavy load and I didn't take the necessary precautions to check the axle weights and make adjustments to the tandems. I know this is all very lingouistic. If any of you are curious to know about all these things, like why are there weight stations? And what are the weight limits? Leave a comment and I'll formulate a nice little entry later. I don't have the energy to do so at the moment and have some bigger fish to fry with this post.

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Tomorrow I begin working my way back east to New Jersey. I have to be there by Monday morning, which gives me plenty of time to get there, but not enough time to go home. This means I'll miss my brother's cookout, but I'm not gonna complain about getting all these miles. Makes for some dandy paychecks. I thought about doing some hard driving and trying to get there early Sunday for the U.S. Open, but with the finals being played on Sunday, it's doubtful I could get tickets anway and what tickets I could get would probably suck. More than likely I'll have time on Monday just for goofing off in the city anyway, so I'm not too worried about not getting to visit at all. This load to New Jersey is one I've taken a dozen times before, and I always have about 9-10 hours left over on Monday afternoon/evening to go play in the city.

Finally, huskerdude1 had an interesting entry about a particularly moving experience he had while visintg the home where Anne Frank and her family were hidden during the Holocaust. Not only would I recommend you read it, just because it is some damn fine writing, but encourage you to do the following: in a future journal entry, write about three things which move you. They don't have to be as profound as the one huskerdude1 experienced, but try and describe three things in your life which has moved you. Maybe it's art, or a place, or a person; it doesn't matter. It could be a joyous feeling or a sad one. But think about it, write about it. I wanna read it :)

I'm thinking about my three right now. And it will more than likely be the topic of my next entry. For now though, I sleep.
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