October 4th, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

i love wasting time

Location: Columbus, OH

Well I didn't get off my rear last night and decided to leave today for the East Coast instead. Which is fine, I really didn't want to get up there and have two days to spend. The temptation to spend money would be too great. ;-) I goofed around online a little bit this morning and got a much needed shower. I'm going to clean the truck out next, which I have been putting off forever since I planned this trip with Robin. I figure I'd do it just before so it would be nice and clean for our trip together. It needs it bad though, I've put it off about two weeks longer than I should have.

After that, I will head out and get into northeastern New Jersey tonight around midnight, get some shut-eye and enjoy my day in the city tomorrow before heading on up to Connecticut. Heh, I talked to my mom last night and she assumed I would be going straight for the casino in Connecticut where I won that 7 grand a few weeks ago. While the thought had occured to me, I have already had my casino'ing for the month in Joliet the other night. Therefore I have no intentions of going, at least not this week. Maybe next week, when Robin is with me, we could hit a casino just for the novelty. We've been saying for months that we needed to go hit the casinos up in Indiana near home one weekend but have never made the effort to do it, so maybe we will.

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