October 19th, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille


Location: Cardwell, KY

At the 'rents for the weekend. I spent all day Friday in my truck, pretty much just enjoying the solitude. I could have collected my thoughts and given details and pictures of my NYC trip last weekend, but I just wasn't feeling it. Instead I did that silly compatability test and played hearts on MSN zone and chatted with pals on IRC. Yay for geek me.

This afternoon I have plans to have lunch with sparklymegz which should be fun. I like meeting new people. We're going to have lunch at Ramsey's, which, by the way, if you are not native to Lexington and are ever visiting, you must dine at Ramsey's. Good southern cooking, especially the veggies: fried green tomatoes, yellow squash and onions, kale... it's heaven. I think I'm gonna get the hot brown. Their's is pretty good. (I know you non-Kentuckians dunno what a hot brown is, too bad/your loss).

I will try and get my New York stories/pictures together this week, but if I don't, oh well.