October 23rd, 2003


top 100 albums

Inspired by huskerdude1's.recent post (and damn you for setting a precedent of links to Amazon... that's a shitload of work), here is a list I compiled a few years ago. The original list was a top 50 albums, but I fleshed it out to 100 for this post. I'll add that these are favorites and no attempt at objectivity was made nor should it be construed as such (for instance, Dirty is arguably a better Sonic Youth album, but Goo is my favorite). Also, save the first 4 or 5, the rest of it is not really in any particular order. The Slint record is my favorite album ever. The Modern Lovers record, I think, is the most perfect album ever recorded. I can't begin to speak the effects the first Babes in Toyland record had on me and The Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique is a masterpiece and greatly underappreciated. But check 'em all out. Some of them are rare-ish/out-of-print so Amazon doesn't have them and AMG doesn't even mention a couple. Flame away... ;-)

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I also have a top 100 songs list... but I'll save that for another time....