October 26th, 2003


total lethargy... and new music adventures

Location: Spiceland, Indiana

As mentioned before, I have this tendancy to do thing very intensely for very long periods of time then get burned out on them. I was doing this with the game Minesweeper, and I'm still playing it every now and then since I discovered you can CUSTOMIZE the playing field. But that's not what I'm really getting to. I'm getting to the fact that between yesterday and today I have played nearly 30 hours of Hearts online. Well over 150 games. I hope to God I've gotten it out of my system. I think I have, 'cos I haven't been playing now for a few hours and the thought of doing so makes me sick.

I head for Toledo tomorrow (twirls finger in the air). Woohoo! Then it's on to Pennsylvania Monday and Tuesday. Not much exciting going on. I'm putting together a new music adventures report as soon as I get done typing this entry. Which is right.... now.

I wanna die in Beat City run, run, run
Wanna hang with girls and shoot my gun
Wanna catch the rays of the sun
Wanna drink and drive and have some fun
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    Raveonettes - Beat City
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

i guess i was busted

I was just finishing up my music adventures entry and discovered that the webspace I had acquired is now gone. I guess the folks at prohosting caught on to what I was doing even without the mp3 extensions. That's what I get for being cheap I guess. I've had an offer from normalguy for some space on his virtual server. I guess if that doesn't come to pass my little experiement at sharing will come to an end unless I decide to purchase some space. I was just checking into it and I can get enough space for my purposes for as cheap as 5 bucks a month. I guess I can afford that. It's just I don't have much use for the space otherwise, so it seems a somewhat superfluous expense, regardless of the small amount.

Yeah, I am cheap. I got it from my mom.