November 4th, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

old friends and a boring poll

Location: Youngstown, Ohio

A couple of weeks ago, while I was rotting away at a Blacjack table I got a phone call that I couldn't take, because the casino's don't like that very much. Later, when I was able to check the voice mail that was left, I discovered that it was an old college friend of mine who had found my LiveJournal by Googling "soopageek" (I have had this nickname for sometime now). I called him back and we chatted for a while and traded IM's and e-mails and what-not. Got caught up on marraiges (and lack thereof in my case) and kids. I'm somewhat responsible for his marriage, since I along with another mutual friend were pretty much the key link in their meeting one another. Since that encounter, I have kinda gotten on this stroll down memory lane and looking up old friends. The afore mentioned friend, Boz (a nickname culled from the old 80's detective drama Riptide, his name is actually Robert) was able to put me in touch with a couple more mutual friends who had kept in touch with over the years. One of them I've begun e-mailing and now have his IM. The other, I got to chat with for the first time tonight. If this wasn't enough, I decided to hunt down another old friend who lives in the NYC area and has a livejournal under the name mybluenotepad. Now I want more. I want to find everyone I ever knew and say "hi" and catch up. It's addictive and fun.

The past two days have had me on a whirlwind tour of eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. Tonight I'm parked in Youngstown awaiting another driver to split out his load sometime tomorrow. Supposedly, I don't have to have it in Green Bay, Wisconsin until Thursday. Looks like I'm gonna have a lotta time on my hands the next day or so. Ween is playing in Cleveland, Detroit, then Chicago this weekend. I haven't been to a concert in so long, maybe I can catch them since I'm kinda running through this area.. Maybe on my way back down from Green Bay I can catch them in Chicago Friday night. Primus is playing Friday night in Chicago, too. But I'm determined I'm gonna start getting out to see some shows again. The last show I went to was the Melvins over a year ago in Louisville. I have a somewhat unique opportunity to see bands play in a variety of venues, if I just wouldn't be so lazy about it. I need to find the White Stripes sometime next week while they're here in the midwest. They'll be in Indianapolis and Columbus next week and Cincinnati later in the month. I've seen them twice and their live show is amazing. In fact that's how I "discovered" the White Stripes, I saw them open for Sleater-Kinney about three years ago and was blown away.

Yup, I need to get out to more shows. Definitely.

Music adventures entry on the way. Keep an eye out.

Top 5 songs named for girls:
1. "Angie" - Rolling Stones
2. "My Sharona" - The Knack
3. "867-5309 Jenny" - Tommy Tutone
4. "Help Me Rhonda" - Beach Boys
5. "Maybelline" - Chuck Berry

Yeah I know, I prolly shoulda had "Layla" in there somewhere. You know, that'd make for an interesting list to start and keep... song titles with girls names and song titles with boys names.

Ok, I'm really bored. For some reason I've pondering on some trivial pop music tidbits that are rambling around in my head. I realize that I'm a bit obsessive about music, but I thought it'd be fun to make a poll outta them. Sure you can cheat and probably find the answers online, but that'd just make you a big fat cheater. So take the poll, review the answers and look for my responses: they'll be the correct ones to these inane offerings.

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