November 11th, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

new music adventures

I will admit I have slowed down lately in the rate of music consumption, but I have a few things to throw at ya, including a couple of albums that I bought in a pawn shop several months ago and just got around to ripping, so I'll include those along with a few other things. I've decided to start adding the year of release beside the album title since all of the stuff I'm just now getting to or revisiting ain't exactly new. Without further ado....

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i'm ready for my close up mr demille

Soopageek Novemeber Ohio Tour

Location: Cincinnati, OH

I''ll drink up all the Hennessy ya got on yer shelf. So just let me introduce myself...

Looks like I'll be spending the week in Ohio. Columbus tonight (elspazz0 gimme a call if you're bored and up for being social) and the Cleveland area Wednesday and Thursday (k8burke, I'll take ya up on that offer if you're available ;-).

I like to rhyme, I like my beats funky. I'm spunky, I like my oatmeal lumpy

As luck would have it, bands I'm interested in seeing are playing in Columbus the night AFTER I will be there and I can't find anything decent going on in Cleveland later in the week, 'cept for the Twilight Singers who I really know nothing about excpet that it's a Greg Dulli side project.

I'll eat up all yer crackers and yer licorice. Hey yo fat girl, come here are ya ticklish?

Que sera sera. Primus is playing in Columbus tongiht but tickets are $30 and I'm not really a fan of large venues. I'm sure it'd be a cool show with the "original lineup" billing. plus I never have gotten to see them live. I dunno, just don't feel motivated about this one.

I'm given more, see, and on the floor, B, all the girls they adore me
Oh yes ladies, I'm really being sincere
'Cos in the 69 my Humpty nose'll tickle your rear
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i'm ready for my close up mr demille

swollen hard drives

This will, probably, be the last post I will, maybe, make today, I sort of promise.

I mentioned last week about getting the usenet account. It had a 3 Gig download limit. I already blaw that away and swtiched to another service. This one is $10 for 25gigs. I'll see if that can last me a month. If not, they have an unlimited download plan for like $15/mo. Hopefully I can afford to keep a usenet account around regularly. I could get used to this.

Sheesh, I've downloaded nearly 4 gigs of stuff in the past week Feels like old times. My hard drives are swollen and I need to do some burning. I also found out they are getting ready to jack up the "introductory" rates for the WiFi service I use, which means that the yearly subscription rate will eseentially double, from $100/yr to $200/yr. Even though my current subscription is good through next July, I'm thinking of going ahead and buying another year's worth at the cheap price. That'll keep me in super-cheap internet access through the summer of 2005. We'll see how Christmas spending goes and consider it before year's end. Hopefully they won't make the change before then.

Coffee tonight with elspazz0 means social interaction DURING the week. What a novel idea. It's nice to make/have friends in some of the places I frequent.

The new ZZ Top record is actually a pretty good listen, but then, I've always liked ZZ Top.

You know in commercials how, when someone says or does something unexpected and all of the action/speaking comes to a complete stop and the sound effect of a needle being scratched across a record is used (and could I run this sentenace on anymore)? I've heard it numerous times in the past couple of weeks on TV/radio commercials and it got me to thinking how odd it is that the sound effect is still relevant since vinyl records haven't been a commercially viable media for nearly two decades now. I wonder if the use of that sound effect will die with the baby boomer generation or if it has become so entranched in the common conciousness that it will continue indefinitely until a similar, more relevant sound is created by the culture?

Strong thoughts from a feeble mind.
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