November 15th, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

headed for Alabammy

Location: Columbus, OH

I hit Columbus last night about 5pm so I decdied to stop for a couple of hours rather than fight rush hour traffic. I thought I'd take a little nap.

Heh, nap.

I slept until 2am this morning!

I guess I'll be on a weird schedule the rest of the weekend. I'm getting ready to head out and plan to try and make it a little south of Chattanooga by noon. I'll be due to take another break around then. Now I have to try and sleep during the day later today. Lovely.

My friend gripe has been bugging me all week to listen to a group called Northern State and I finally got around to it yesterday. Fun record! They're like a female Beastie Boys.

It's fun to rhyme with my friend Hesta Prynn
That's true you can say it again
It's fun to rhyme with my friend Hesta Prynn
Yo talk to the fist, 'cos the hand is pissed
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    Northern State - The Man's Dollar
i'm ready for my close up mr demille


Location: Dalton, Georgia

Uggh, I slept another 6 hours today. I think it's this rainy, overcast weather. Luckily down south the clouds gave way to sunny skies. Not to mention the warmth. It's in the 60's, which compared to northern Ohio, that's a freakin' heat wave.

I got some of my favorite potato chips today. It's a brand called Naturally Preferred. It's in the hippie, natural foods section of the grocery. Thye're flavored with balsamic vinegar and sea salt and is the best potato chip I've ever put in my mouth.

I had to buy a new power supply for my computer today 'cos it went ka-plooie.

Good thing, cos this Flying J here in northern Georgia has a biiiitchin' internet connection. I'm blazin' on usenet downloads. I've already downed nearly a gig in the past 3 hours. Yeah-heah.
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    Northern State - At the Party