November 19th, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

New York City is the city that I feel at home in - Beastie Boys

Location: W. 42nd St. - Manhattan

So that free connection I had in Avenel ended up not being quite the connection it lured me in with. It was fine for a while, then it just kept coming and going - gone more than anything. So I gave up and made me a nice mix mp3 disc for listening to in my spiffy blue portable. I figure if I got to come to NYC today, it'd be nice to have with me.

And so, I get to Totowa around 2pm and they can't unload me until morning. Oh darn.

Less than an hour later I'm typing this journal entry from Times Square. ;-)

My little blue friend comes with those fashionable back-of-the-head headphones. Let me say, the greatest thing ever invented. I never like the over-the-head style and the ear buds are too uncomfortable. So I'm sitting there rocking to the Datsuns when this chick gets on the bus - and she has on a pair of the over-the-head headphones. Is she a caveman? I almost bet her CD player only plays regular audio CD's, too. Or, oh my god, cassettes!

I have my phone with me, and due to my little blue friend, I have the celly on vibrate and in my front pocket. If anyone takes a notion to call me while I'm on my latest NYC adventure, feel free (859) 621-3478. Of course, since it's on vibrate and in my front pocket, you might give me a boner when you do. I also turned off the voicemail, so it'll just vibrate and vibrate (and vibrate and vibrate) until you hang up or I answer it.

So, if I don't answer right away: a) I'm busy buying crack in Washington Square Park, b) I'm busy getting propositioned by the transvestites on 8th Ave. or c) wait until I'm done enjoying the vibration and answer.

First on my agenda is a trip to the Village to explore, especially the record shops. I'm also interested in seeing John Leguizamo's new one-man show Sexaholic but I dunno if I can get tickets or how pricery they are. So, who knows what I'll get into.


Location: W. 42nd St. Manhattan

Aww man.

So I go down to the Village and am greeted by the triangular Village Cigar Store that sits across from the subway entrances at Christopher St. I proceed to explore the record stores in the area: Rebel Rebel, some store I don't remember the name of with an incredible 45's collection... and of course, Bleeker St. Records. At Bleeker St. Records I locate and purchase the Gluecifer album Riding the Tiger. I've been singing the praises of this band forever and finally decided to buy an album of theirs. I also picked up copies of the The Village Voice, The New York Press, and The Onion.

I've been listening to Gluecifer non-stop in my little blue friend. So I head back down to Christopher St. and decide to pop in the Starbucks for a couple of triple espressos (yes that's six shots of espresso, my knees are trembling). I hope back on the subway and head uptown, not really heading anywhere. I figure I'd ride up to Times Square and roam around until I figured out something to do, maybe check on that John Leguizamo show. I'm sitting on the train flipping through my collection of alt-weeklies which, all are a week old. I check out the vnues advertisements to see who's palying around NYC tonight. Under CBGB's, they have listed all the old acts that played in the past week and down at the bottom, they have a small section of "Coming soon" shows. The very first one says "11/19 Weedeater/Glucifer" [sic].

Holy shit.

I get off at the next station and run up the stairs to the sidewalk and yank my cell phone out. I find CBGB's phone number in the advertisement and dial it.

ring, ring
Girl: CB's
Me: Is Gluecifer playing there tonight?!?!?!
Girl: No, they cancelled their tour.
Me: Shit!

What the fuck? It never fails. White Stripes played here last night, Gluecifer is supposed to play here tonight but cancelled their whole GODDAMN TOUR. Rainer Maria plays here this weekend. Nashville Pussy in two weeks.


And so it goes. The great tradition continues.

A sad scene in a dimlit room
A broken promise and a hint of doom
Keys turned at the final gate
The door of love became the door of hate
And I thought I had a ticket to ride but the ride it didn't last
'Cause the game was kinda tricky now you're belonging to the past

EDIT: I just checked to see what else might be going on in the city tongiht. Apparently the White Stripes are playing tonight as well. Of course, I bet it's sold out. If they can sell out Columbus, selling out NYC is a no-brainer.
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