December 5th, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

HOT connection

Location: Indianapolis

There are 3 Flying J's in the Indianapolis metro area. There are two situated on the outskirts of town, one north and one south. The third is on the loop on the southend of the city. I typically avoid this one because it is small and parking is typically a nightmare, but most importantly, their internet connection was always the worse of the three. I stopped here today to top off my fuel tanks and take a shower, wth plans to head on to Columbus before stopping for the night. The Flying J outside Columbus notoriously has a fast connection. I parked the truck and decided to check my email and what-not and... I'm hot. I mean, this internet connection is blazing. I still had about a gig of stuff queued up from last night that didn't get finished D/Ling before I left Effingham.

I will continue on to Columbus later, but, not for a while. I'm gonna get this gig finished just in case the connection in Columbus is sluggish. It was the last time I was there. No sense in blowing a hot connection (that sounds kinda gross).

I chatted with my pal mybluenotepad and we're gonna try and get together in NYC this Sunday and hang out. That'll be cool. I haven't seen him in... god, a couple of years at least. Not since the night his (defunct) band played a gig in Lexington on their mini-tour and a bunch of us went to Perkins afterwards.

While I'm sitting here today in Indy, I intend to start working on the music adventure entry. I doubt it will get posted today, since, I don't have any space to put the files just yet, but who knows.

Big, sloppy shout-outs to new friends and fellow Kentuckians draysha68 and lucidaj. Welcome and for God's sake, don't get any on your skin.

It's been snowing all acorss the midwest this morning. They're expecting 1-2 inches here today. It's nsowing right now as a matter of fact. Word on the street is it is really nasty out east. Should make the mountains a fun drive this weekend. Hopefully they'll have them cleared and salted by tomorrow when I have to traverse the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

I'll be lounging around the truck most of the afternoon and evening except for the 3 hours I intend to spend making it to Columbus, but that prolly wan't be 'til later. Gimme a holla on the messengers if'ns ya want.
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

i heart my burner

I've been freeing up some disk space by burning a ton of crap. I'm beginning to wonder how I ever survived wihout this spiffy little marvel of technology. And to think, just a couple of year ago I was still using a 4x burner.

Of course it's easy to wax sentimental about the old days when I had a second phone line and amassed a rather collection of files at modem speeds. What's that Billy Joel lyric... the good old days weren't always good and tomorrow's not as bad as it seems?

Just imagine if I get a 7200 disk... I'll totally shit myself.