December 17th, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

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Location: Spiceland, Indiana

Intrigued by moonpuppy's mention of an elitist lj community called beautyandbrains I looked into it and put an application just for the helluvit. Not that I need their validation, but I could use a little elitism in my life. Feeling insular is kinda fun... it's what the heyday of #mp3indie used to provide back inna day (I'm sure justamy can testify on that one).

I got on this evening and had to read/skim through over 250 livejournal entires on my friend's list. Missing three days of reading is a pain in the ass. I've been circling the Dayton/Cincinnati area for the past two days and haven't been near internet access.

I'll probably end up on the East Coast this weekend, at least, that' what my dispatcher let all of us know. With the short week next week due to the holiday and the abundance of east coast loads, most of us will be working over the weekend.

I spent $400 Christmas shopping last weekend. It felt good. It felt good to have some money to spend for once this year.

I'm feeling that blackjack itch. You can bet once I get past all this Christmas malarkey I'm gonna be hittin' the tables sometime in the near year. Any y'all interested in holding down a blackjack table with me for a few hours in January, gimme a holler. Any of you Kentuckians, we'll just plan a trip to Caesar's or something, anyone else, well, if there's a casino in your vicinity and you're interested, we'll do it.

I still plan to do a music adventures post although due to time constraints of the holidays it may not be til after the first of the year. I will honor the poll I did a week or so ago. If you haven't voted for stuff you'd like to be exposed to, please do so here.

Gotta hit the sack early cos I gotta be up and rollin' by 5am :(. Gonna be touring more of southern Ohio the next two days, over to Dayton and down to Chillicothe then back over to Cincinnati. Yay me.
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