December 31st, 2003

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

do i ever work?

Location: W 42nd St, Manhattan

One thing that's nice about this account I deliver for is that during the holdiay season, I actually feel like I have a holiday. After 15 years in the restaurant business where the only two days you -might- could discount as holidays was Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, it's rather refreshing. In addition to having a 3-4 day weekend last weekend, and the two days off here in the middle of the week I am getting to play in NYC, I have a 3 day weekend coming up.

In the past two weeks, I think I've worked a total of maybe 4 days.

On top of all that, first trip next week? New Jersey.
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

hold the press! and meeting new people

Hold the Press!

I heard another really good record last night from 2003 by the band Pretty Girls Make Graves. I haven't digested enough to know if it deserves a top 5 spot, but it is bloody good.

and Meeting new people...

my pal mybluenotepad sent me an email the other day about a post he saw on Craigslist posted by a young lady who was going to the Northern State show stag and looking to meet folks who might be doing it as well and ring in the New Year together.

I responded to her post and she emailed me back, we've swapped cell numbers and will likely meet up later this evening. She's actually helping the band load-in and set up before the show, so that'll be kinda cool. She's wanting to go bar hopping and what-not aferward which I think may be a tad much more than I want to tie on tonight. The last bus off the island is @ 2:30 AM and if I mis it, I'm here 'til the first bus heads out in the morning. But at any rate, she seems like a cool person... she hasta be if she digs Northern Sate, right? Right?!?

So anyway, I hope every one has a very happy new year.
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

new year's festivities

Location: W 42nd St, Manhattan

So, I decided to go down to the bus terminal since they have restrooms and I wanted to go ahead and purchase my bus ticket back to Jersey. I'm down to my last $30 and I wanted to make sure I had that if nothing else.

I also called Zia, the young lady who I am meeting tonight at the Northern State show. She's running later than she anticipated and won't make it into the city probably until about 8 then has an errand to run before she goes to Brooklyn, so, we'll just meet there. She sounds really cool and I look forward to meeting her. I was wondering, since she's coming from Jersey as well how she was gonna go bar hopping all night. Turns out she's crashing with a friend in the city. I thought she might know a way out of the city that I don't. Not that it would matter, I probably won't have money for cab fare once I'm in Jersey anyway, so I'm pretty much stuck taking the bus back to my truck anyway.

When I came out of the bus terminal the police had cordoned off 42nd St at the corner of 8th Ave. and not letting anyone walk up into Times Square that way. They were telling everyone that they needed to walk down to 52nd St if they wanted to "see the ball".

Fuck that. I walked down to 41st street and cut up that way then through the Hilton hotel entrance and out the other side onto 42nd St. No one keeps me from my internet! Heh, but anyway, I have more time to kill so I thought I'd come back in here for a few minutes before heading to Brooklyn.

I know no one is reading any of this stuff, but if nothing else, I want to document my NYE in NYC. This, afterall, is the original intent of me keeping a journal when I started driving anyway.

Oh yeah, I totally gorged myself in Little Italy this afternoon. I decided to try a new restaurant, Benito's II... right across the street from Benito's I, on Mulberry St. They have the best tomato sauce I've tasted yet. Their steamed mussels with tomato sauce rivals, if not beats Il Fornaio, my usual haunt. I may have found me a new favorite restaurant. The amusing thing about this was that while I was dining, there were these two young ladies sitting a couple of tables away from me. Both were very attractive and one in particular was downright H-A-W-T hot. Just a few minutes ago while walking through the bus terminal, they passed me on the concourse. An amazing conincidence in a place this big and this populated.

I'll be leaving here in a while and the cafe closes at 11pm, so I won't be making any further entries tonight, but I plan to make a phone post or two as the night progresses. I imagine they will be somewhat lucid since I don't really have enough money to get too trashed... I spent it all on food.

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So I just went on and on about nothing really. I don't know where that all came from. Now it's 8 o'clocl so I'm gonna mill around Times Square a little bit then catch a train for Brooklyn.

Again, to everyone, have a happy new year.