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driving with miss welfy
Location: Dorksville, PA

One thing you might not know about welfy is that she hasn't been driving for very long.  In fact she's only been driving for about a year.  Despite her lack of experience you can tell she's a natural, and perfectly at ease behind the wheel of her automobile.

I did become a little concerned after she nearly took-out a bus-load of nuns and puppies.  But Welf appeared to know what she was doing and didn't let this faze her in the least.

Welf's confidence as a motorist was contagious and assuaged any fears or concerns I may have had.  I was able to relax and enjoy our drive around the western Pennsylvania country side.

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you guys are retarded. seriously.

bring me back some butter and an amishman.

the second hottest guy i ever met was from PA. wonder why i thought of that?

If you think that was retarded, you should see the stuff that Lin took pictures of in Balogne Valley. Oh wow.

I like Amish. :^)

you hadn't figured that out yet?

as retarded as the day is long


(ps- Welfy linked this, so I had to come see. :))

If 20 people don't add you because of this entry, the world doesn't make sense.

oh god, i think he probably just got a little hard just THINKING about 20 people adding him!

;) just kidding soop!

Except you're totally right.

hahaha... no you weren't.

I only got one frickin' add outta this. Can you believe what this world is coming-to?

you know, now that i think of it...

i wonder if the superballs contest allowed lin to open his mouth so wide?

that is just too f'ing funny!

i'm still working on that tan and taking spanish lessons ;-)

as well you should, guapo!

(Deleted comment)
Kudos to your dentist, man.

hehe... you can't see the real depths to which my teeth are atrocious in that picture... don't be giving him praise yet...

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