January 15th, 2004

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

i'm goin' out west where the wind blows tall

Location: Indianapolis

All the begging with my dispatcher has paid off and I'm heading to the west coast this weekend. I have to be in Idaho on Monday morning and then will head for the coast proper in Oregon and Washington during the middle part of the week. Yeehaw.

My family is orignially from Virginia; it's where I was born. A couple of months ago my mom made a trip back to the motherland to visit some of her family and old friends. While there she met up with an old friend that used to be the drummer in the band that my uncles were in and my dad managed in the early 70's. I remember Chip quite well because his mother used to babysit me and my brother when we still lived in Richmond. I have a vague recollection of a character named Freight Train who did the lead vocal duties for the band until he died of cancer. He taught me to count to 5 in Spanish when I was maybe 3 or 4 years old.

They were only a cover band, called Midnight Sun, but at one time boasted a lineup that included as many as ten people with a horn section. As with bands of this nature, members came and went, so the extended family of this band is rather large. Kicking around ideas, she and Chip decided to stage a reunion of the surviiving band members in Virginia this coming summer. They're reting out an American Legion Hall or something similar with enough space for the 50 or so people who will probably attend plus have room to set up instruments and goof-off. One of the guys' sons is going to DJ the event with music from the era that the band used to cover. They've been collecting songs in their coolective heads and compiling lists of the music and this guy's sons are going to hunt it all down on online and have it ready.

My mom, as the defacto coordinator of the event doesn't like to leave much to chance, so she called me tonight to ask if I could gather the music in case ol' dude's boys failed in their attempts. So, my mom emailed me Collapse )

I had a good deal of this already, but, after about an hour with Kaazaa I had everything but the Bill Deal. who turns out was from Virginia Beach and more of a regional phenom than anything.

I rule... and I now need a good Chicago anthology.
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