January 21st, 2004

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

i love my headphones

Location: Portland, Oregon

I got steel. You got flesh. I got a target. Gonna make you a mess.

I'm listening to Gluecifer on my headphones at an insanely high volume. And it's only at about 30%. Buying these 100 dollar babies was one of the best investments I ever made.

455 on a full-scale frame. I got the power of an iron train.

Songs about cars are the best. Even when they're kinda goofy like this one, but then again, this one is salvaged by the fact that it sh-rr-reds.

Top fuel action with a higway twist. All God's children at the top of my list.

This can't be good for my ears, but, I am so infatuated with this song. I have been for about a year now. I'll put it down for a few weeks but I end up coming back to it. I hope you took the opportunity to download it when I posted it a few months ago.

You're gonna hear my pistons scream. You'll meet your maker in a cloud of steam.

Let's go for 60% shall we? Owww... oh... ooooo, yeah.

Can't feel my feet, baby, can't feel my schlong. Can't feel my feet it's been to goddamned long.

I told you it was goofy. But it sounds, oh so good. The rhythm guitars are fucking amazing. There's nothing incredbly complex or groundbreaking about it. It's that rare moment when the right order of chords meets great tone and tempo. Few songs are this satisfying.

Can't have delight when I take a crap. It's just a bag taped to my back

Actually, that's downright gross, but, damn what a song. Sometimes I almost wish I had never gotten the lyrics to this. I was probably better off when I was oblivious to the words of the song. When the guitars buried them in its lovely tangle of buzz and bombast. It's funny how some of the best songs have the dumbest lyrics and some great lyrics are sewn into atrocious songs.

Under my hood - sweet taste of fear, you know I got it.
Under my hood - 'Cause I'm set for revenge all set for action.
Under my hood - I watch a random target pass my way.
Under my hood - 'Cause I'm set for revenge all set for action.

Maybe... 75%? There's not much difference between 75% and 60%. All ahead, fullsteam!

Don't aim to kill, Aim to deform. I am the willfull sinner in the shape of the almighty storm.

And this is why I love my headphones. While I seldom have occasion to play something at this volume, it will handle it, with no distortion. Perfect clarity.
Of course, I'll be deaf by the time I'm 50.

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