February 27th, 2004

mt shasta

odds and ends from Utah and Nevada

Location: Portland, Oregon

I'm heading back east today. I was hoping for better weather as I wanted to stop at Multnomah Falls on my way out but it is raining and dreary: typical northwest winter weather. I may hold out here another hour or so and see if the weather clears up before I take off. I really would like to revisit Multnomah. I suppose I could just brave it in the rain, but this chest cold I'm working on probably wouldn't tolerate it.

For those of you who enjoyed the San Rafael and Austin ghost town journal entries, I've now got the entire photosets online from those adventures. including some video clips, along with some other photo albums I've been remiss about getting online. I took nearly 300 photos total in San Rafeal and Austin, and only posted about 80 of them in the two journal entries. You can find my entire photo collection at www.soopageek.com/pix if you're interested.

Tomorrow, I plan a much smaller entry about my trip through Lake Tahoe, and if the weather will co-operate, maybe a nice entry about Multnomah falls in the first part of next week. I also visited another place that was neat for me here in Portland, but I doubt it will be of much general interest to anyone else. I may or may not make an entry about it. I don't know, we'll see.

My trip back east is going to be even more new road to cover. I'll be taking the northern route along I-90/94 in Wisconsin which will take me through two new states I've yet to visit: Montana and South Dakota. After this trip, the only states left in the 48 contiguous U.S. that I have never been to will be Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and North Dakota.

Believe it or not I'm looking forward to getting back east and staying there for a while. Coming to the west coast is fun, but three trips in a row has me kind of burned out. I'm ready to get back home and get geared up for the trip to NYC with draysha68 the second week of March. I love going to NYC anyway, but going with someone to share in your adventures is even more fun.
i'm ready for my close up mr demille


jesus christ, and i thought I was self absorbed... whew...

but that's not the real reason i decided to update again today...

I thought I would offer, since I have the virtual website now and all, email addreses to anyone who wanted them. They come unlimited with the webserver, you'd have something like "whatever_you_wanted@soopageek.com"...

but i could probably provide you a little more space and a faster mail server than Hotmail or Yahoo if you happen to be stuck with one of those.... apparently, there is a way that it can be accessed from the web as well, but i haven't check into all of that, i'm still playing with it ;-)

but anyway, lemme know if it's something you're interested in... :)

Edit: why is that my entries have started spacing themselves weird on some lines?
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

egg on my face

Location: still in Portland :)

It has done nothing but rain all day and I haven't moved an inch because I've been derpvied of my precious internet for nearly a week now and I'm such a goddamned addict.

It seems that there is egg on my face. If you read my previous entry you will have noticed I made a rude comment about another person's info page. If you read the comments of that entry, you will see I made even more rude comments. On top of that, I responded in the community where I ran across this person with a sarcastic response that was taken with sincerity and this person added me to their friend's list and is now reading my journal.

jazzyjess: With no sarcasm, I sincerely hope you prove my assumptions that were based on superfluous information wrong. I hope in addition to having egg on my face, that I have my foot in my mouth along with my own words. For you to do that would require a tremendous amount of grace, a good sense of humor, and a very humble, modest soul. I'm not apologizing for my remarks, because based on the information I had, I think it was a fair assumption. Here's to hoping you prove me wrong and no hard feelings. Welcome aboard.