April 10th, 2004

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

i love spring in kentucky

Location: Cardwell, Ky

I got out of Wisconsin yesterday and headed back south/east. I had to pick up my load for next week in Richmond, IN so I decided to go ahead and get it before going home for the weekend. Things were going fine until some dumb bitch ran her car off the road outside Indianapolis and tied up traffic. I wish people would learn to drive, goddamn it.

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The lovely Miss sparklymegz has graciously invited me to a dinner party at her abode this evening for home-made pasta and foreign films. I guess I get to be all social and meet people tonight.

I didn't die an I ain't complaining
I ain't blaming you
I didn't know that the words you said to me
Meant more to me than they ever could you
I didn't lie and I ain't saying
I told the whole truth
I didn't know that this game we were playing
Even had a set of rules