July 24th, 2004

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

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Location: Evansville, IN

In May of 2000, I created three fake Yahoo accounts. I had all but forgotten about them until tonight, a random stranger IM'd me on one of these accounts. It proved to be an amusing trip down memory lane. For about a month, I couldn't get enough of Yahoo chat groups, but I wasn't content to be myself, I had personas. Some people don't understand how much fun this can be. It's kinda like, writing live fiction with an instant audience. You create dialogue and a "voice" , even if it is typed, the manner in which you present your words says a lot about your personality, or at least, the personality you're trying to project.

On May 13th of 2000, I dubiously named one "gotseven4u", but it was kinda boring - all it did was illicit cyber-offers from people. In fact this was the nature of the IM I got tonight. Someone claiming to be a 27 year old female who wanted to cyber. Later, on May 21, 2000 - I created "Bubba Joe Bob" as a practical joke - I replied to a friend's Yahoo personal with it. With all the cyber-offers generated from "gotseven4u" I thought, what if I flip the script on this and have some real fun. And so, on May 24, 2000 "ganglywench" was born. In retrospect, I had a lot of fun with her. She was sassy and somewhat precocious 19 year old who drank a little too much while chatting. She liked her music hard and her whiskey harder. She gave a lotta shit to the trolls who chatted her up just cos she was young and cute. Maybe sometime next week I'll dust off "ganglywench" and go play in the Yahoo chat groups one night. If I do, I'll "announce" my intention here and where you can find me, just to come watch the performance, as long as you don't blow my cover. ;-)
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