August 25th, 2004


hanging with the Amish in Chesterville

At milepost 203 of I-57 in central Illinois lies the small town of Arcola. If you were to take exit 203 and follow Illinois state route 133 west for about ten miles, you would come to a small town called Arthur. I speak of Arthur rather frequently, the Schrock cabinet company is located there. Their main plant, customer service and logisitics operations are in Arthur. My immediate supervisors, my dispatcher and account manager operate out of Arthur.

Nestled halfway between Arcola and Arthur is a small community called Chesterville. Chesterville, along with Arthur and Rockome Gardens comprise one of Illinois' largest Amish settlements. The towns are full of "Dutch kitchen" restaurants, "Handmade Amish" furniture stoes and every establishment has hitching posts in the parking lots, from the Dollar General to the medical clinic.

Like most communites in this part of the country, the skyline of Chesterville is dominated by the towering specter of its grain elevator.

But it's two, much smaller and indescript sites which make Chesterville an interesting place. The first of these is an old wooden church which sits in one corner of Chesterville's only intersection.

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i'm ready for my close up mr demille

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I made my very very first LJ community ever.

It's called roadstories and my hope is that at least a couple of times a week an interesting entry about road life or an interesting, out-of-the-way place visited will end up there, either from myself or someone else.  I've invited two other road warriors to contribute to the community and hope more will follow.  Currently, there is my current entry about Chesterville as well as a few older ones of mine which I'm rather fond of.  I slowly intend to re-post all of my more interesting ones there over the coming weeks, just to keep some new material floating in it for anyone who happens upon it.

What I'm hoping you will do is the following:

1) If this sort of thing appeals to you, watch/join the community.  Sure you'll be subjected to my cross-posts, but isn't that a small price to pay?

2) If you think a community like this would appeal to some folks on your friend's list, let 'em know about it.

Go then, do my bidding. I'm getting some lunch.