December 7th, 2004

i'm ready for my close up mr demille

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Location: Ukiah, CA

He walked on the water and swam on the land
                    -"Jesus Was Way Cool", King Missile

Roger and I made into Reno around 11am on Sunday morning. We didn't have to be in Benicia, CA until Monday at 8am so we opted for some gambling at the Boomtown Casino right on the border.  The gambling gods were not nice to me... I 'd have a nice run every now and then at the blackjack tables, and then it'd all go to hell.  Seems to be my luck the past few times I've been.  I had a good time, regardless, but I have a geat time when I win.

We headed out of Reno around 10:30pm and struck out across Donner Pass on I-80.  After two years at doing this, this was my frist drive over Donner.  I guess that makes me a real truck driver now or something.  It was dry and clear plus our load was light, so it was no trouble.  We got into Benicia around 1am and hit the sack. 

Monday morning we made our stops in Benicia, Livermore, and San Jose then called it a day.  It was only 3pm so I made tracks for Santa Rosa, home to democritus and psycat90.  The alcohol, food, and conversation was welcome after battling the traffic on U.S. 101 between San Quentin and Santa Rosa.  My gracious hosts fed me, gave me liquor, and even managed to find a bar where we could smoke!  How.... civilized.  All these public smoking laws are annoying enough, but c'mon... the bars?  I digress. I had a really good time over the course of an evening filled with pirates, screaming homeless people, and a palm tree lit like a Christmas tree complete with star on top.  I also learned that Santa Rosa was the home of Charles Schultz.  All of that plus making the acquaintance of two really cool, fun, and nice people.  I will definitely look forward to coming back to the area again.

But, like every good VH-1 Behind the Music episode.... and then disaster struck.

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