January 10th, 2005

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Location: Common Grounds, Lexington

Back when I ordered my camera, I also ordered a camera bag to keep it in, but it was shipped from a different place than the camera.  It had been delivered way back in December, but I wasn't home to sign for it so I had DHL hold it at their center here in Lexington.  I haven't had an opportunity to retrieve it, so today I rode with my mother into town and commandeered her car for the day.  I went out and got my camera bag and, while out on the west end of town I got the bright idea to stop by Pop's.  Pop's, for the uninitiated, is a great consignment/thrift store on Leestown Road.  I bought my current turntable there a few years ago as well as a couch... I even bought a surplus Army jacket for a friend of mine there.  They also have a pretty decent collection of old vinyl records and CD's that people bring in from time to time.  In fact, I sold most of my CD collection there right before I started trucking.  Yes, I do love Pop's.

They don't open 'til 11am apparently... and it was 9am at the time.  So, I made my way to Common Grounds. Upon arriving I ordered me some coffee and a bagel and proceeded to set up my laptop when the the sudden realization sank in that I had inadvertently left my WiFi card in the truck.


This was really bad, as I had intended to spend the rest of the day goofing around on the internet catching up on my f-list and making some entries.  I packed everything up after eating my bagel and headed out Nick Road to Circuit City.  My intention had been to purchase a WiFi card for the day and find some excuse to return it at the end of the day.  A shady proposition but as luck would have it, I ran across a deal and a gadget that I couldn't resist.  It's a USB wireless adapter that is about the size of a memory stick.  In addition to that, it's $59.99 retail price was softenend by $30 in mail-in rebates.  So I got it and am happy to announce it works marvelously.  This will become my "portable" adapter that I will keep in the backpack and I can just start leaving the PC card in the truck all the time.  It will also come in handy should I ever need an instant wireless solution with someone else's notebook or PC who may not have a wireless adapter.  I can pop the USB adapter on the other machine and presto!

So now I am at Common Grounds and will be for the next several hours.  Should anyone wish to come have coffee with me, I've taken up residence on the comfy leather couch.

Speaking of leather, I bought a black, leather jacket.  Well, not a solid leather jacket, more of a Frankenstein leather jacket.  It's made from a patchwork of leather and has stitch seams running all over it.  See, I've always wanted a black, leather jacket, because secretly I've always wished to be as cool as Joey Ramone and Fonzie, but the multiple of hundreds of dollars that a leather jacket can cost you was always intimdating, especially if I decided I didn't like the look and/or feel of the garment.  So this is my "starter" jacket...  price tage $40.  I figure if I really dig it, then maybe next winter I'll make the investment and convert the Frankenstein jacket into a work coat.  Maybe sometime I'll get someone to snap a picture of me in the jacket, bad honky mofo that I am.

...and speaking of my turntable.  I got my Freakwater record! 

I had lent my stereo system to my parents to use, including my turntable, since I don't currently keep a place of residence.  This was to be a mutually agreeable arrangement as they would have a decent stereo system in their home and I would have a place to play vinyl records when home.  As luck would have it, as a Christmas present to themselves my dad bought a 5.1 Surround Sound/DVD combo system and had torn down my stereo system and put it back in storage.  So I can't listen to my record!  This is a catastrophe!  I guess sometime in the coming months I'm coming to have to get it set-up elsewhere in the house.  With my nice headphones, speakers aren't really an issue, just so long as I can have space for the components.  But I really wanted to listen to the record... 

Something else cool came, too.

These are for the Chicago show...  and to think, I have two more sets coming!

Expect more posting from me today.  I'm gonna get round two of the SoopaMusicGeek Meme going and I plan to post a couple more reviews I have already written for my Top 100 countdown.  I just heard the Guess Who's "Clap For The Wolfman" on the muzak here in the coffee shop.  Sweet. You know, he's gonna rate your record hiiiiiigh.

Edit to Add: Bah! My mom needs to run a work-related errand so I gotta run back up to campus and grab her. So much for lounging around here leisurely. Guess I'll hafta work on this stuff a little later.
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i'm ready for my close up mr demille

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Location: back at Common Grounds

I'm back on the comfy leather couch with another small update.  I forgot to mention this other really cool gadget at Circuit City that I'm totally going to hafta get.  Kensington makes a keychain that sniffs out Wifi hot spots.  This would be cool for finding them without having to boot up the laptop just to find out.  As much as I hot spot, it would be an awesome thing to have.

I've noticed that I have begun using the words "totally" and "awesome" with reckless, gratuitous abandon.  I never used them in 1982 when it was fashionable to do so... I don't know what the hell is wrong with me.